Hissing? But Only In Dig Box

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Hissing? But Only In Dig Box

Postby bayoupig5 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:11 pm


I noticed 1 egg in Littlefoots viv on Tuesday. So Wednesday I put her in her dig box. She dug a large burrow, but I also noticed that she was puffed up and very loudly exhaling, mouth open with a sideways stance like aggresion. No big deal. She came out of her dig box and returned to normal quickly.

I had her in her box again today and was watching her. She again dug a large burrow....but again was puffed up...taking deep breaths and loudly exhaling for quite a while. No eggs....no black beard. When I pulled her head out of her burrow. She walked out of her box and was fine.

She is not eating much this week...and is restless messing up her viv....and pooping a lot. Which is a usual indication of eggs. When she is in her viv she does not do this werid behavior at all...what is this?
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