Gaping on my shoulder? And other strange behaviors

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Gaping on my shoulder? And other strange behaviors

Postby ModernAlchemy » Sat Feb 23, 2019 2:16 pm

Our little Stubbs is acting weird. The last couple days, on multiple occasions, she's just opened her mouth and sat there while sitting on my shoulder/chest. I know beardies will do that when basking to thermoregulate, but she's not exactly under a heat lamp when she's sitting out with me. She also did some weird beard flexing yesterday; I know they do that now and then just to stretch, but she seemed more serious about it than usual. And then today, when we put her back in, she tried to eat the fake grass on her carpet substrate! We just talked to the vet, and they suggested that she might be having some intestinal distress, because she hasn't pooped in about a week and a half (she's always been a reluctant pooper; we think the bout with coccydia she had when she was little did some kind of damage and makes it hard for her to pass it properly) but she's never done this when constipated before. She's been on some medicine for a yeast infection in her little gut, and we looked it up, and apparently this particular medicine can cause mouth soreness? She's been on it for the better part of a month. We can't get her to drink in the way she used to. The only hydration she seems to get is from the berries we feed her (and she shouldn't be eating that many of those.) We listened to her chest, and didn't hear any kind of wheezing or anything. We're really not sure what's up with the little booger. Any thoughts?
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Re: Gaping on my shoulder? And other strange behaviors

Postby CooperDragon » Mon Feb 25, 2019 3:20 pm

Sometimes they will gape like that even without basking. The beard flaring could be shed related perhaps. Will she drink if you drip water on her nose? That may help with dehydration and constipation. Too much fruit isn't great but maybe offer some pieces of squash. Those are both healthy and hydrating.
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