New paranoid beardie parent worried about a fall.

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New paranoid beardie parent worried about a fall.

Postby Koopatroopa1122 » Tue Feb 19, 2019 8:18 pm

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Some very brief background as I'm new to the forum.( I just joined tonight to ask questions about the DIY project I'm working on but then this happened). About 2 days ago my wife and seven year old came home with this little guy...they told me beforehand, but I was pretty indifferent about it until they came home and now I'm attached!

Anywho... he's been sleeping standing up against the glass at night which initially freaked me out but now I realize it's not that weird. Tonight at bed time he decided to do this from halfway up his log on the part that branches off a little. As my wife and I were watching his goofyness he started to slip and fell completely sideways towards the back of the tank landing on another part of the log. He froze for a bit then moved to the middle of the tank where he sat for a bit then crawled all the way up into the inside of the log, which he's never done before. Should we be worried about this fall? I get he wasn't moving very fast as he had already " cooled down" a bit for the night, but I can't help but be worried over every little thing. Is this type of log a bad idea? The lower part is under the basking light, but he often moves all the way up in the back corner probably to be closer to the uv bulb? Temp is about 110 directly under the bulb and 95-100 at the top in the back corner.

My wife keeps telling me to chill out because they are "beginner" pets after all...but I don't like that attitude since I feel if we're going to do this we need to treat it as best as we possibly can.
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Re: New paranoid beardie parent worried about a fall.

Postby AHBD » Tue Feb 19, 2019 9:30 pm

Hi there, he is not too small/fragile and the height is not too much for him. He should be fine, but it's always good to check. :)
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