Panel Board?

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Panel Board?

Postby bayoupig5 » Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:08 pm

I have seen a few build ideas using panel board and peg board. I am just wondering if this could be used for the walls of a vivarium.

I have read that this type of pressed board is not good for beardies, but then again MDF is made with the same process (pressed and glued) and people are using that.

If I polyurethane, polycrylic or seal with outdoor Mod-Podge, would this considered to be safe.

Just tying to come up with a light weight viv build that can be stacked, and panels would work perfectly for an idea I have. trying to home male something similar to the aluminum frames Zen Habitats builds. Which first off are not available in Canada, and second would be way too expensive for what they actually are.

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