Mufasa and Norberta

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Re: Mufasa and Norberta

Postby sweetiepie9 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:50 pm

I'm so glad to hear from you, your girls look great. Grr is gaining weight and going through a body shed right now. She loves roaches, eats out of her dish or I get her to run after them in the living room until she's full. She still has a funny head nod and I'm pretty sure she has parasites, but I have to wait a few more days before I can afford to take a sample in. And my vet isn't in that often. I have to call & find out if I can just leave a sample & bring Grr in another time, as she'll need a blood test. I've been giving her Calciblast from bug-de-lite to up her calcium level, I think it was very low. She came to me laying eggs and the whites were very think and see through. Infertiles, so that was good. And she only laid a few, then really started eating. I lost Gabriel on Oct 25 and brought Grr home not long afterwards. She's done so well since I did and spends all her outside time flirting with my boys, so they're both in full Spring Fever mode, especially Castiel...they are just too funny. So remember when I had 5 boys, then Puff moved in? That was a few years ago now, but since them I've been accumulating females. So now I have 3 girls and 2 boys...oh boy....I think there will be eggs from Freya and Grr in the spring/summer. Should be interesting. At least I'm used to eggs, so I know what to do. Now if only my boys would eat on their own, but no, I have to feed both of them :laughhard: I just don't get why they won't eat from a dish. I think Nathaniel would just starve to death if I expected him to eat on his own. I'm not sure about Castiel, but right now, he'd spill out whatever bugs I gave him anyway. His tank is a total mess. He does the same thing every year and he's only 4 LOL

I'll post some pics I took soon. I have to get back to work tomorrow & Friday, but then not back until Monday and still have every Wednesday off.
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