Broly the new super saiyan beardie

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Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

Postby Beardymama33 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 1:04 pm

BlueDragon09 wrote:Hey,

Cute pix! I love building.

I noticed I can draw Venom! My first time ever. I suck at drawing anyone with muscles. I actually did really good. Im gonna draw muscles more often.

I realize my lack of posts and really lacking on pictures! Broly's 3 and you hadn't seen him since he was 1. I usually email pictures and probably the only way you'd see him.

Oh my toothache is back because I have parotitis again! A bit of swelling in my cheek. Apparently another crystalized saliva stone. I wonder if I have crystals in my saliva that keeps creating the stone in my salivary gland.

Broly finally eats greens. I noticed he likes blueberry and strawberry. I tried the berries yesterday and he loves them! I won't give a lot. Maybe once a week. I forgot today was cricket day...Broly got them anyway. Kane and Jamie woke up for crix too. They ate and slept under their basking light. Now they're in their hides.

So my frogs are still going strong. My 1 yr old with the "bubble" on his chin figured he can put his nose down and lunge for food. Yeah he scrapes the cancer but it's not bleeding. He gained his weight back.

Im hoping to see Dr Who with my mom tonight. We're seeing Halloween next weekend...

Im rooting for my boys the Eagles! Since Im "sick" with parotitis I get to eat what I want. I may not though...Im not a fan or chili. I can't even eat it I get stomach issues. Im ok without problems. I already got a terrible toothache thanks to parotitis. I took pain meds for it. Im gonna watch the rest the game.

@SueAnn yes my hand has healed up fine with the raw and unfiltered honey. It's not pasteurized it's raw and unfiltered so it's the real thing. Worked for my water frogs too. One cut his back and his skin has healed no issues. He's been released back into the tank.

Its actually a full on castle with a complete sleeping chamber and battlements.... i may have gotten a bit carried away but it makes him happy!! You might try a nice honey, ginger, and mint tea to help keep you from getting sick AND get rid of the bad stuff when you are sick. also, clove powder or clove oil works wonders on a toothache. As for the eating anything you want thing.... id go for the chilli because the peppers in it are great at kicking illness related issues in the butt!! :D As for the lack of pics it is ok, also if you want to email me you can pm me and ill give you mine and we can exchange pics and other things if you want to just talk!
BTW i never really got into the new dr who series, i prefer the older version of it AND im really into star trek right now. :D I am also glad to hear that the littly froggy healed, it is hard to get them to heal properly due to the thin skin issue so you did a great job getting the little one to heal!!
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Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

Postby BlueDragon09 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 11:44 pm


I'll PM you next time Im on.

Updates: my two dragons are asleep. Broly's up running around. Eating and passing stools. He's still taking enzymes or else his stomach will get messed up and start having diarrhea with undigested food items.

My 10 gallon is busted somehow it can't keep a cycle. I know it's the filter. I have moved my 5 African dwarf frogs with my guppies. The frogs usually love a species only tank because fish are fast with food. I got target feeding down. The frogs dart up into my hand and eat (still slightly in the water). Normally you do not touch them like fish. My guppies are fast little fish so I did what I had to do. Once they lick (so to speak) they jump back in the water. My 20 gal ( guppies tank) and my 150 saltwater both have their cycles. The 10 gal getting on my nerves I don't have money for another filter to fix the BS.

Im on my "month" I have learned you don't have to hide this. It's natural and yes many consider TMI...did you know girls shouldn't have to hide it like it's some kinda satanic thing. Im totally open...I mean cmon we talk about dragons bodily functions why can't humans too? I suppose dragons are more appealing than human. Im open about stuff either deal or don't read that simple. I don't go into great detail no worries. Im on it that's it.

I finally saw the new Halloween!! Im a lover of horror and of course I like all of them. Even Happy Death Day Im definitely seeing the second one. October is my month to get demented just a bit. I love scary so I created some stuff like that. I have orange skull lights on Broly and Kane's tanks. Kane asleep so he doesn't give a flying rats butt. Broly however tries to eat them (don't worry he can't).

My mantis egg hatched (yes I bought an egg). Baby mantis are sooo cute. Hmm, maybe they can live in the 10 gal.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. My Eagles don't play this week. I root for my brother's team, Ravens and my dad's Seahawks.
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Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

Postby SHBailey » Thu Nov 08, 2018 2:57 pm


So we had a quiet Halloween at home as planned -- no trick or treaters and no horror movies, but the Nova episode that we watched was gruesome enough -- about ancient bodies they've found in bogs that were apparently the victims of human sacrifice -- the darker side of our Celtic heritage. My husband and I both have Scottish and Irish ancestry, along with other European stuff.

And it's been my turn to miss the last couple of Dr Who episodes -- I've been getting sucked into my husband's infamous Sunday afternoon genealogy binges, and he landed us in 17th century Scotland with a stopover in colonial America on the way back, but couldn't quite get me back to 21st century Alaska in time for the show. It seems that there may be more than one "time lord" who can't always get his "TARDIS" to drop his passengers off where and/or when they want. :wink: :lol:

Oh well. Maybe they'll run a Dr Who marathon for one of the holidays one of these days and I'll get a chance to catch some of the reruns I've missed.

So you and I are both Trekkies, Beardymama? I love all the Dr Who stuff, old and new, although I've never been able to see them all (at least not yet), and I also love all 5-6 of the old Star Trek series, including the animated one, even though it didn't last very long. I haven't been watching the new Star Trek series though -- I'm "old school" -- you buy your TV set and set up some sort of an antenna, and then just as long as you're willing to sit through 20 minutes of commercials for every 40 minutes of actual program, you're done shelling out just for the privilege of watching the show. Now I've got cable TV because the digital converter and the cheap rabbit ears weren't getting it, so I'm already paying too much for telecommunications access -- I refuse to pay more for content, not even if it's Star Trek or Dr Who. I'll take pot luck with whatever I can watch on TV or over the internet for no additional subscriber fees above and beyond what I'm already paying.

Sorry. I guess that was a bit of a rant. I'll see if I can get down off my soapbox now. :oops:

I hope you can keep enough of your tank filters running to keep all your fish and amphibians healthy, Kami. And I can't imagine Broly trying to eat the skull lights. That must be pretty funny to watch. Probably just as bad as Puff going after computer cables and yarn, thinking it's worms. :roll:

I didn't know that you could buy mantis eggs. Can you get them at pet stores or do you have to order them from the internet?

I agree that it's healthier for women to be able to talk about the monthly stuff rather than keep it a big secret, even though mine isn't monthly anymore. I guess I'm pretty lucky that I got through menopause without any major problems (so far) and didn't have to take hormones or anything. I just got fat, and like you say, it's natural. Fat makes estrogen, so you don't worry about gaining weight and you don't need to take hormones. :wink: At least, that's how it worked out for me. Everyone is a little different.

I haven't been following football this year. We have some friends that used to invite us to their Super Bowl watching party, but they haven't been able to do it for the last 2 or 3 years because they've been taking care of aging parents. It was fun while it lasted because everyone would root for their favorite team, but no one ever got ugly about rooting against the other guy's favorite team. I liked it that way. :blob5: :blob8: So I wish the Eagles a good season.

Puff's weight has dropped a little bit so we've been letting him make a pig of himself and we're all out of bugs. "Daddy" is doing the run to the pet store after work tonight, and hopefully they'll have some fresh ones. Sometimes the shipping to Alaska is unreliable, but that's what the Repashy Grub Pie is for.
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Re: Broly the new super saiyan beardie

Postby BlueDragon09 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:42 pm


My Eagles are 4-4 so they're very equal. We're losing 6-3...
I hate Dallas no offense to Dallas fans! I like most people but right boys are not making me great. Idk what they're dad would probably say "letting them win". As with every team I always trash them. I really really hope they lose like hell. Haha I should have been waiting because apparently that's my team. As far as I know week 10 and not great of a season but no knocking till January when playoffs begin.

Broly gave up he doesn't eat the skulls. I took them down and put up xmas lights on my window. Broly doesn't know what to think. I also found dark spots on Broly's side knowing we have non fungal lizards it can't be that. So I looked under him and found a shed going from under his neck to belly. So almost whole underside shedding. It's already yellow. They connect to the dark spots. It looked weird at first.

Im really behind on Dr Who all I saw was episode 2. Im also behind on Will & Grace too so obviously Im not too keen on keeping up. I just catch up one episode at a time when I can.

Mantis eggs were at a home and garden store. It's cold now so not anymore. They were selling them. Im keeping them all. They are growing well and eating fine.

Im not really keeping the 10gal anymore. I have only two tanks. My 20 and 150. Frogs have moved in with the guppies. My 10 has an anole after cleaning it up. No he's not staying in there. I will upgrade him. He's not mine anyway...somebody lost him as anoles are not native here.
10 gal is a holding tank for an animal sick/lost.

It's healthier to say periods or whatever else. One thing I wouldn't talk about is stools unless it's animal related. Im not good there either I have the worst digestion system. I was born with it. I have to take colonoscopy quite regularly. I do take fiber supplements and bromelain.

Oh well, I don't have much to say. Im braindead at 742pm.

Maybe next time.
Been diagnosed with asperger's syndrome.
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