Possible MBD

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Possible MBD

Postby jkausky32 » Tue Oct 23, 2018 10:26 am

Ive posted a few times so I am kinda sorry about that but I think I found the culprit of my Dragons illness. After switching food around her poops are normal looking I got the white down to a normal amount and im getting like 2 a week I would say which is more frequent than usual but shes on meds. Her eating picked up for a few days then last night she was uninterested. She is a healthy weigth tho. She started to kinda curl her front legs back up under her body when she goes to stand and wants to lay with her legs all jacked up. Everything I search says MBD. Ive bought new reptisun 10.0 and a 100w mercury sunglo bulb for basking but idk if that is to bright. Shes on a mix of mustard and dandelion greens at the moment the doctor told me to stay away from kale. The vet is also looking into some other medications. She currently is taking calcium syringes. Other people have told me to find a new vet and I planned on going to another one this week. But truthfully after 3 appointments with mine the mercury bulb the uv bulbs the meds. I cant afford an emergency hospital two hours away anymore and Idk how to even transport her that far without lighting. Im kinda at a loss and stuck. If anyone has any food reccomendations over the counter things I can buy I am willing to try everything I can but honestly im scared to show up at that hospital knowing they are strictly a hospital. I feel like it will be 4 or 500 so Im really nervous and worried to make that trip when I dont even have it. Any help is appreciated. I live in Louisville Ky. If anyone knows of someone or anywhere around me like within 45 mins to an hour ill go. But my vet doesnt do blood work or anything on her and reptile vets are just really limited here. There is only one other that I know of outside of that hospital around lexington and im 99 percent sure there the same as my vet based on my own research. They can deal with rabbitts ferrets but the reptile thing I can find no one that seems to know what they are talking about outside of husbandry. Im not trying to be rude my vet is nice I just wish I was given options like I have for my dog. Blood work tests something and now with all the money ive spent even if I found someone I am not sure I could afford it.
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Re: Possible MBD

Postby AHBD » Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:04 am

Hi there, you are doing the right thing now but it can take a while to reverse the current condition. Just be patient, the recovery will take a while and may not be complete. Don't worry about blood tests, they won't help with MBD, once you identify it you just treat it, which is what you are doing.

Can you post pics of him + his tank , including the lights ? And kale can be part of the diet, it's not bad as was previously thought. You can also use greens like turnip + collards and squash is good for them as well.
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