Help with eating and cleaning

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Help with eating and cleaning

Postby Blueal92 » Tue Oct 23, 2018 5:06 am

Hi all,
I was just wanting some advice on my 3 to 4 month old beardie Jax.

Since getting him his eating habits have been a over the place. Some days he will eat size 3 44 brown crickets other days only 5 in a day.
He is healthy and his weight is 35g from the 17g he was when we got him 3 weeks ago.
He will eat the crickets if I drop them Infront of him but will always eat loads of salad everyday which I know is good for him and some babies won't even look at it but he seems to prefer the salad. How do I get him to eat?

He eats in a separate container as the crickets are to small to keep searching for in his Viv and he won't hunt he waits for them to come to him so I've always fed him separate to his cage.
He is hungry as he tells me when by jumping Down and glass surfing before licking the glass whilst staring at me. If he had his way he would live off wax worms as there's been days he won't eat but I drop one or two in and he devours them but I don't want him on them all the time he gets a couple once a week sometimes it's over a week.

So I just wondered what I could do to get him eating more crickets and less salad, I've even kept the salad out and only put some in every other hour but that still doesn't work for him eating crickets. He just loves his salad.

On another note how often should I clean Jax out, I spot clean every day and take his poop out straight away, I take any salad out he may have dropped and clean his glass daily, his water and food bowls daily sometimes more if he poops in the water. And he doesn't eat any live food in there so they can't poo in his Viv. So how often should I do a full clean removing all objects (basking wood ect) and reptile carpet ect. ??

Thank you in advance
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Re: Help with eating and cleaning

Postby CooperDragon » Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:30 pm

It sounds like his eating behavior is normal. His appetite will fluctuate and that's OK. Just make food available and let him take what he wants. If he likes his salad, that's great. Keep offering him a wide variety of veges - they are quite nutritious. His weight gain is good so I think everything is OK.

As far as cleaning goes, it sounds like you're doing OK there too. Just spot clean as needed, remove poop as soon as possible and sanitize using F10 or similar. Repti Carpet should be washed when it's soiled. I used a washing machine and air drying for this but found that it gets tattered fairly quickly. Solid substrate like non adhesive shelf liner can be easier to clean/sanitize. I'd do a thorough cleaning if the tank gets visibly dirty or starts to smell bad at all (it shouldn't smell bad). Otherwise every couple few weeks is fine as long as you're keeping up on spot cleaning.
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