Clarification on the dusting of Calcium/Multivitamin powder

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Clarification on the dusting of Calcium/Multivitamin powder

Postby Lorenzo24 » Sun Oct 21, 2018 9:25 am

Hello everyone! I'm having trouble understanding the care sheet when it comes to dusting your feeder insects when it is time for feeding. So it says here "For babies and juvies, bugs should be dusted once a day with a calcium/vitamin D3, 5 times per week" so let's say I feed my baby beardy 3 times a day B/L/D. I give him dusted crickets for breakfast. Does this mean I no longer dust the insects for the other 2 feeding times. Perhaps I must dust all the insects for all 3 feedings to count as the reccomended once a day quota. When it comes to 5 times a week is it meaning that dust then 5 days of the week? Or I get only 5 chances to dust them per that whole week. For the multivitamin "All bugs should be dusted 2 times a week" so I must dust all bugs that day,B/L/D 2 days a week?

Any clarification will be greatly Apreciated thanks guys/gals!! :)
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Re: Clarification on the dusting of Calcium/Multivitamin pow

Postby CooperDragon » Mon Oct 22, 2018 12:04 pm

It's not really a set in stone rule rather than suggestions based on experience and manufacturer instructions. I would dust bugs in a light even coat of calcium powder at every feeding. You can replace the calcium with a multivitamin a couple of times a week if you'd like. These supplements are to make up for deficiencies with captive bred bugs. As they get older and eat fewer bugs and more veges, a variety in their salads provides them with most of the nutrients they need. Still dust the bugs but it is much less frequent when they are adults. My adult gets only 1-2 bug meals per week while having a nice big salad every day.
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Re: Clarification on the dusting of Calcium/Multivitamin pow

Postby Janelle » Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:11 pm

I also got confused with which vitamins to use when and how often. I ended up going with Repashy Calcium Plus. I dust all insects with it. Then you don't have to figure when to use calcium, when to use multi-vit, etc.
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