Moon sand !!?? Is it the answer to our prayers?

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Re: Moon sand !!?? Is it the answer to our prayers?

Postby kingofnobbys » Sat Sep 22, 2018 11:48 pm

Echoplexic wrote:
Gormagon wrote:Bioactive will not thrive in desert conditions, it requires a humidity that would be too high and, cause respiratory issues.

It has thrived in my leopard geckos habitat and the humidity is under 40% constantly excluing her humid hide, it was just finding a balance of good hardy micro fauna that was tricky. Also I suppose finding a proper way to exclude the humidity to just the humid hide but that was easier.

Lepard geckos require entirely different conditions to any species of bearded dragon. What you can get away with for anoles, skinks, geckos, and frogs regarding subtrates will NOT work and will be hazardous for tropical and subtropical grassland / desert like environment dwelling reptiles such as bearded dragons.

I'm yet to see a successful arid microclimate bioactive setup in an inhouse tank for bearded dragons.

I have seen these set up in outdoor pits (that are 100ft x 20ft and house several bearded dragons and some suitable sized skinks (that are found in the same natural home range as the bearded dragons), The Gosford Reptile Park has a large arid region pit ,as does the croc farm (Australia Zoo) that was run by the Irwin family .
This will be impossible / impractical / too expensive to successfully establish in the climates in USA and EU , with the exception perhaps of FL and far western CA (maybe).

I personally have no water in my bearded dragon tanks , the only things that contain moisture that go in my beardie tanks are fresh salad and live insects.
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Re: Moon sand !!?? Is it the answer to our prayers?

Postby Gormagon » Sun Sep 23, 2018 5:56 am

Do you honestly think that this has not been researched by others before you took it to task? I personally have research many different substrate types over the last few years and, it always comes down to infection issues and, how to avoid them. I do appreciate your time involved but you're beating a dead horse. It will always come down to risking the life of a creature that now has to depend on you for it's very life. We have given you the answers you were seeking in many different ways.

The rest is up to you.
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