Luna sick?

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Luna sick?

Postby MoonMoonLizard » Sat Sep 22, 2018 9:50 pm

Hi everyone! Lately I’ve noticed some things out of the ordinary with Lulu so I’ll just make a list to make it easier lol. She goes to the vet in 2 weeks for her 1 year old head to toe check, but I just want to make sure I don’t need to rush her down ASAP because my vet is 2 hours away and extremely expensive for emergency appointments plus I don’t want to waste her time when I’m taking her in a couple weeks.

Possible problems I’ve noticed:
-Looks like she feels poopy
-Doesn’t really move around throughout the day she just lays and watches everything
-Stays on her cold side all day
-Extremely round so I’m not sure if she’s really fat (malnourished when I got her at 3mo so vet has been having me give her appetite stimulants and vitamins) or if she has something else wrong
-Her beard seems extremely large to me like it’s swollen compared to other beardies
-Her lower eyelids seem to have a tiny bit of droop to them
-Only poops once or twice a week

My first girl never ever laid eggs, so I asked my vet how to check if she was gravid just as a precaution and her belly is squishy with no egg feeling lumps/bumps. She gets excited and runs to her food bowl when she sees me walking over with her dubia tub and eats 25 large once a day as well as at least one full bowl of spring mix (no spinach) throughout the day. Just yesterday her head and tail started to lighten to shed so I wasn’t sure if maybe she’s poopy feeling from that or if I should be genuinely concerned. I’ll add some pictures of her from today for reference!
Her setup:
-50gal wide glass tank
-T8 10.0 Zoo Med ReptiSun UVB mounted inside her tank about 8in from the bottom of the tank
- 3 separate heat bulbs equaling 275w (outlets in my room can’t handle one big bulb unfortunately)
-Papertowel substrate soon to be replaced with non absorbant waterproof foam interlocking tiles
-95 to 100 degrees on hot side and 85ish on cool side. I’ve been struggling to maintain her hot side because I have no insulation in my room and it’s been getting colder. I have 3 towels on top and drapes over her tank to keep the heat in.
-She has a log hide, large reptile pool I made into a bed for her, hammock, 2 large branches, and crocheted jungle gym system.
I’m sure she’s ok, but my first girl passed very suddenly at only 6 years old and I wasnt prepared in the slightest bit and was devastated for 2 years before getting Lu, so I’m very paranoid about her health. Thanks guys ❤️
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Re: Luna sick?

Postby AHBD » Sun Sep 23, 2018 4:03 pm

Hi there, you are a truly caring owner, obviously, and have been trying to take care of your pretty girl. OHere is the problem.....Luna is being waaaaay overfed and is quite overweight. Being overweight is almost the norm with so many dragons now that owners just don't realize it. You will need to cut back to about 3-4 dubias every other day to help her lose weight. It will affect her organs, esp. heart, kidneys + liver and puts her at great risk of gout.

You can keep up the greens but reduce the amount just a bit. Hopefully she'll become more active and regaoin her health. :)
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