Won't poop, dull skin, hiding under log

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Won't poop, dull skin, hiding under log

Postby queenotto » Thu Sep 20, 2018 6:35 am

Hi there,

Otto looks like she is shedding. Her color dramatically changes in the middle of her neck and her legs look very close to shedding. However, it has been like this since Saturday. I have given her a couple baths but she hates them so much that she won't stay in long enough to soak. I have been spraying her. The other day, she started to poop on my laptop and only urate came out before I grabbed her and put her in her tank. She never finished pooping. Should I be concerned? Or is this normal shedding behavior?

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Re: Won't poop, dull skin, hiding under log

Postby AHBD » Thu Sep 20, 2018 9:32 am

Hi there, you just startled her + she should be fine. But some important Q's, how big + old is she ? Beardies shed in stages and there is almost never a concern with a shed taking long unless it's squeezing/constricting a toe or tail end. That doesn't happen often and it literally never happens with the head + other body parts. The shed will come off in due time.

As for pooing, larger/older dragons can go weeks without a poo and it's not an emergency in almost any case. You can give her natural laxatives like canned pumkin [ no spices ] baby food prunes,swet potato , squash and/or applesauce. A few drops of olive oil added to any of those will help her poo if she is having a problem.

Can you post pics of her [ full body ] as well as her set up, including lights ? Here's how :

https://www.beardeddragon.org/useruploads/ Then use the XIMG to upload them
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