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Harry the ResQ Wizard

Postby ResQ » Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:02 pm

I found Harry in my suggested adds on Kijiji and felt a strong instinct to adopt him. He was kept in dirty substrate that had never been changed. He had severe MBD, a rotten tail he tried to drop and stuck shed. He was dehydrated, half blind and malnourished. But I felt like he was mine as soon as I looked at his photo. I needed him and he needed me. So the next day, spontaneous and impulsive as it was, I picked him up.
I haven’t had a bearded dragon for 4 years as I had to rehome my beloved Marty when I moved across the country. So I knew how to take care of a beardie but never had to heal a Beardie from such horrible conditions.
You’ll be glad to hear that after just two weeks his old stuck shed is almost gone! He has started straightening out his arms a bit more, and is actually starting to eat his greens from the dish! We’re going to continue to focus on his hydration and proper nutrition. I’ve been dropper feeding him blended greens and supplements along with grubpie. He gets 2ml twice a day (I know that sounds extremely low but anything more than that a day and h violently throws up) of these mixtures and we’re working up bit by bit to a full Adult diet! He’s very active now and loves his baths.
This is a top view of Harry two days after I got him. He looks much different now now I felt like a photo shows what I was working with when I got him.
[Click image to enlarge]

[Click image to enlarge]

[Click image to enlarge]

If anyone has any advise please don’t hesitate to give it. I’ve done a lot of research and trial and error but I open to suggestions! Here’s a picture of Harry’s good eye and bad eye that I took today.[Click image to enlarge]

[Click image to enlarge]
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Re: Harry the ResQ Wizard

Postby CooperDragon » Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:18 pm

I'm glad you found him! It looks like he's doing very well under your care. Go easy on the food as you said and just give him what he can handle. Keep him hydrated. Ease him into a balanced diet and he should continue to progress well =)
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