Beardie randomly started hissing

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Beardie randomly started hissing

Postby Sierra13 » Mon May 21, 2018 7:54 pm

Hi all, new member here. I'm a first-time beardie owner, and I've been lurking here since I've had my beardie Peaches. This place was super helpful for getting everything set up, and I'm really glad I found it.

Anyway, I'd like a second opinion on a new behavior he's displayed. Just in the last few days, he's started hissing at me when I go to pet/pick him up, and has hissed multiple times. He doesn't otherwise act aggressively when hissing -- he doesn't beard, display any stress lines, or bob his head, and he doesn't try to move away.

I'm concerned because he's usually very friendly. I've had him for two months now and he's never displayed any aggressive behavior before. He only waved his arms for the first week, and his stress lines went away after about two, and don't often return (and almost never appear while I'm holding him). I was under the impression that he was used to me by now. I handle him regularly, and he's willing to eat out of my hand. Occasionally after I put him back in his tank he'll run to the end, apparently to try and follow me.

As for setup and regular care -- I haven't changed his enclosure around at all since I got him. the basking side gets 100-110 F, and the cool side gets around 80 F. He can get within six inches of the light on the basking side. He always has food (RepCal juvenile bearded dragon pellets, soaked in filtered water to soften them) and water available, and his water dish is big enough to soak in. I clean poop/shed skin out every day. Every day he gets fed as many calcium-dusted dubia roaches he can eat in about 15 minutes in a seperate tank, so there're no bugs running around his enclosure. He also gets 1-2 waxworms a day. He's a pretty enthusiastic eater, and like I said, he'll eat right out of my hand with no concern. Other than the recent attitude, he appears healthy, and he's growing at a pretty good rate.

So, I'm not sure if I'm doing something that he's not okay with, or if it's just his way of saying 'no thanks, not right now.' He is shedding, and I know that can make beardies a little moody, so I'm hoping it's just that.
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Re: Beardie randomly started hissing

Postby rjaimz1 » Mon May 21, 2018 8:27 pm

You seem to have everything perfect!! Very nice. you are correct beardies do get irritated during shed. The hissing is more than likely just that. It is very uncomfortable for them during shed. I would bathe your little one a few times a week to assist with the process. you can also use a soft bristle tooth brush rubbing gently while soaking him. Do not pull of any of the shed. It can hurt your little guy.
Hope this helps. oh, congratulations on your new baby, you are doing great!!!!
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