Impaction or ?

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Impaction or ?

Postby Reptilewoman2534 » Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:23 pm

I’ve received a bearded dragon on last Monday. I got her from a friends family member that bought it for her kids and they lost interest and she began to get neglected. She was originally put into a 55 gallon tank , and was housed w another female bearded dragon. I believe she said they were from the same litter , but the other one was most definitely the dominate one. She has all of her body parts and no signs of abuse. When I picked her up, my friend and I fed her Dubai Roaches and she had already previously ate apples. Once I took her home, she eventually pooped some time during the next day. My local pet store was out of crickets, so I began to feed her calcium/D3 dusted superworms just to hold off till they get more. I fed her yesterday, and twice today and she still hasn’t pooped. Idk if it’s relocation stress or maybe separation stress , but it is still a lil worry some. He tank is a 29 gallon tank ( just for another week till I get paid ) and the basking side is using a 75 watt light , and puts out temperatures around 100-105 degrees ( according to the probe ) and the non basking side puts out around 70-75 degrees ( also according to the probe ). I’ve given her 3 warm baths so far and she seems to enjoy them. I also use a coil uvb bulb ( I also know I need a new one; paycheck in a week), but I was told she’s a couple years old and it’s the UVB she’s always used and she shows no signs of MBD at all. I keep her on simple kitchen grade paper towels w no sand or loose substrate at all. I can not answer for what the owners had before me. I just wanna know if it’s stress or something wrong like impaction. Are superworms not good for them ? Also , a side question is what are y’alls opinions on ordering staples offline ? Like Phoenix worms or horn worms ? Maybe crickets ?
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Re: Impaction or ?

Postby CooperDragon » Fri Apr 20, 2018 12:29 pm

It may take some time for her to adjust to her new home and routine so this isn't too unusual. At her age she won't need so many bugs so I'd focus on giving her a nice salad every day and vary what you offer to find her favorites. I like to offer 2-3 items from this list on rotation based on what looks freshest at the store. Bug meals are fine once or twice per week though. I'd rotate that as well and offer roaches or crickets along with silk worms, black soldier fly larvae, and horn worms as you can get them. You can offer her extra water by dripping it on her nose to lick up but if she doesn't want it then she is probably getting enough from her food which is fine. I would prioritize getting a good T5 UVB light. If the coil bulb is her original one then it's not likely to be producing much if any UVB any more. Their output degrades over time so they need to be replaced. I suggest getting one like this which is an excellent bulb.
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