New Beardie Mom

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New Beardie Mom

Postby buddhasmom » Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:37 pm

Hello all! :D
I apologize in advance this is going to be a long post lol :lol:, but please bare with me!

I got my dragon last monday, I purchased her off facebook from a lady and her boyfriend who were moving out of state and did not want to take the beardie with them. After doing my research on proper beardie care before picking my dragon up (Bless this site!!) I was horrified at the care they were providing :shock:. They were using calcium sand as substrate, the cage had no UVB, and only one thermometer that was not digital !!! :shock: :cry:, the cage only had a blue lightbulb for day time and a red infra red light they always kept on,they had no calcium powder, and the only food she had for the beardie was this food from petsmart that contained dried crickets and mealworms, and she also had veggie pellets. The old food was all over the cage and all in the sand, did not look like she cleaned the cage often just continued to dump this food in there. I asked her old the dragon was and and all she said was that it is a juvenile, So I have no idea the age I will include pics, but definitely a young dragon. I'm thinking about 3-4 months.
I am doing my best to provide my beardie with the proper care but just want to make sure I am doing everything right, I am very worried about my beardie because of the horrific state of her diet and habitat. I have her in a 20gal long tank right now ( she is small) and will definitely upgrade once she grows. I have a reptisun 10. uvb and a 100w basking light, I also have a zoomed heating pad on the side of the cage, at night i use a black ceramic bulb that does not emit light. Basking temp:110, cool side in the 70's, around 75-79F at night. I use the zoomed digital thermometer with a probe, I moved to paper towels as substrate and washed all the sand off all her stuff. I am giving her collared greens kale everyday that are calicum and d3 dusted, but she never eats them!! The first day I got her she ate her veggies, but never since then. I tried to put her worms in the veggies. but whenever she accidently picked up some veggie she would just spit it out. I am also feeding dubias and phoenix worms, along with some wax worms, she looked skinny when I got her so I was hoping the wax worms would fatten her up. I also dust the feeders daily.
I have some questions about my beardie,
How in the hell do I get her to eat her veggies?
On Saturday she shed her back, and last week she shed her tail, her humidity is at 30-40%, but she did not yet shed her head or feet? I gave her a bath Saturday and will give her another bath tonight.
The very bottom of her tail is crooked, like it has a little kink in it?
She spends most of the time on her rock in her basking spot, or on the other side of her log, but I have never seen her go on the cool side unless in the morning when she runs around because she wants to be fed, is this normal??
Thanks for reading sorry for the long post just want to make sure everything is okay for my new baby.
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Re: New Beardie Mom

Postby AHBD » Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:58 pm

Hi there, from the pic the little guy/girl looks pretty healthy. It sounds like you're doing everything right....the reason he probably ate the greens on the first day but not after is because he was only fed freeze dried food so the greens seemed like a delicacy. THEN he got a taste of the GOOD stuff, the live bugs. :) Many young dragons snub veggies once they see a steady supply of bugs coming their way. So keep offering the live bugs [ no more stuff from the can or jar ] and offer small amounts of greens like turnip, mustard, collard, dandelion, arugula, endive and small amounts of kale are fine, but not as a sole staple.

Just be careful to not feed hi too much at first, make sure he's digesting + pooing well. Avoid waxworms, they're very fatty and some dragons will snub the other insects in favor of the waxies.

So can you post a pic of the entire tank, showing the placement of the lights as well ?
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Re: New Beardie Mom

Postby Newtothisbeardie » Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:58 am

Seems you are doing the right thing and hopefully he/she is just settling in for you. It's hard when you get them from someone and realise they haven't been looked after the best they could of been. I've spent more getting my new beardie the things he needs like new logs and substrate and climbing thing and new bulbs and a new viv than what I paid for himr in the first place which i would rather do it this way as I know what he has is good for him. The food your giving sounds good. I find feeding crickets and dusting the crickets in the calcium or mulitvitiams works better than dusting the veggies.. although the dusting doesn't work well on the worms. Hope she settles soon and glad i am not only one panicking if their new beardie is doing well.
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Re: New Beardie Mom

Postby Shidohari » Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:59 am

I also got my beardie from petsmart. The state of the enclosure they had at my local petsmart sounds slightly better than the one you experienced. However my female was the smallest in the tank and also had a little kink in the tail.

I think you're doing everything to make their lives better and I know you got this handled. Good luck and lovely beardie.
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Re: New Beardie Mom

Postby AHBD » Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:35 pm

I see this post is from 5 months ago. How is your dragon doing ? Do you know now what the gender is ?
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