Feeding guide based on Beardie Food Pyramid and wild diets

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Feeding guide based on Beardie Food Pyramid and wild diets

Postby kingofnobbys » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:22 am


Refer to the following studies of wild bearded dragons' diets :



Refer to Beardie Food Pyramid
is applicable to adult beardies which many put onto a mainly vegetarian diet contrary to their opportunistic insectivore/carnivore diet with greens and fruits occasionally only when available (short periods after rare rains in arid regions).

Basic Feeding schedules :

three feeds of live appropriate sized insects per day as many as they want per session offered a few at time if it's hoppy or fast moving
+ offer fresh high calcium greens daily (might not eat it).

Juveniles (6 months to 12 months)
two feeds of insects per day
+ offer fresh high calcium greens daily (might not eat it)

Subadult (12 months - 24 months)
one insect feed per day
+ offer fresh high calcium greens daily

I still give one insect meal per day (but it's smaller than the subadults get) + high calcium greens .

Good staple insects
>> BSF maggots
>> blowfly gents
and the pupae and flies , great for hatchlings and juveniles , naturally rich in calcium
>> silkworms
small (1-1.5 inch for sub 3 month olds)
medium (1.5 - 2 inch for larger hatchlings and juveniles)
large ( > 2 inch for beardies older than 12 months.
>> crickets / roaches / locusts , must be gutloaded with calcium rich foods and greens & dusted LIGHTLY with calcium powder.

Repashi GRUBPIE is acceptable as a backup food.

Hard and soft pellets are dubious , ok mixed in as softened croutons through their greens/salad (maybe).

Bites = rubbish food.
Canned insects = rubbish
Vacuum dried insects = rubbish.

Insects suitable for treats
wax worms
if beardie older than 12 months , not before
mealworms (lavae , pupae and beetles)
superworms (lavae , pupae and beetles)
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