Help! Bearded dragon paralyzed??

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Re: Help! Bearded dragon paralyzed??

Postby Tabitha » Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:29 pm

Hello and thanks again for the help and replies. I've mounted the light I have inside my tank for the time being until I get the better bulb.
Levi is getting better has a good appetite and is using his front legs more and getting around slowly. I put the liquid calcium on his crickets and a few drops in water each day. I'm worried he might have gout his feet and ankles are swollen still and his joints still seems to be swollen. I had a question about the cherry extract and anything else I can give him to help his posible gout to be relived. Im feeding him crickets and his greens are a mix of turnip mustard and collards. He's been liking them more then normal lately. It's causing his poo to be more runny then normal. Could it be gout or just him still being swollen? It's went down since I last mentioned it but it hasn't lessened anymore. I'm currently waiting until I can go search store to store to find the cherry extract. Is it black cherry extract is there any other names or things I can get incase I can't find it ?
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