My bearded dragon "Smaug" has been a bit lethargic.

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My bearded dragon "Smaug" has been a bit lethargic.

Postby starshooter123 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:04 pm


Might not even be a concern but I love my beardie and doesn't hurt to ask. My Smaug is a 2 year old birdie, very loved, and healthy (up until now?).
As of 2 days ago my beardie has been extra lethargic. Doesnt really go to his basking spot anymore, now always just laying flat usually and sits in a spot with shade, and just lays flat and either sleeps alot during the day, or he's just staring at me and my computer. His behavior was not exactly like this. He was always more alert, moved around in this viv, and just overall more active. But this last 2 days he has just been lounging a lot more and not really moving all day, maybe once or twice.

I always turn on his lamp when I wake up, for at least an hour or so, so he warms up, and I put fresh greens in there, which he eats from time to time. And after a few hours I like to give him his worms, coated in calcium and/or vitamins, he would eat around 4-8 superworms and nap for a bit, but after he used to always be alert and active and I would play with him a little bit.
I have the viv right now at 90-95 F, I bathe him once every 2-3 days, and overall a happy, healthy beardie. But doesnt seem like it the last 2 days? Its the middle of summer so I doubt its brumation? I kinda figure he just needs rest so Iv let him chill in his viv these last 2 days, feed him, and taking care of him but leaving him alone to rest since he seems he wants to rest.

Actually I remember taking him out for a bit yesterday, and he still ran for a tiny bit around my room, chilled on my shoulder just fine for a bit, and I returned him to his viv. He also has a little "cave" in his viv that he used to use a lot but now he kinda doesnt. Right now I purposely dropped a worm at the other side of his viv and he still took it, so he is not refusing to eat.

Maybe its just a paranoid/loving owner and Smaug is just fine? I hope so

Smaug is 14.5 inches (approx) in a 2 and a half foot viv.

EDIT: light info: a "Zoo Med" 100w bulb (used to have 2 of them but Smaug found it too hot and he hid under shade frequently) says on the box it gives him heat, daylight, basking, and UVA. Iv never had a problem with Smaug and heat/light (but maybe now i do?). This one heat lamp can make his basking spot around 100-105F which he loves (loved?), used to bask every day up until the last two. I have his right side of the viv with the basking spot and a shady spot (which is the one he is always in now for the last few days), and the other side a bit cooler with the "cave", the water, and his greens.

EDIT #2: Watched him again and he is actually still alerted, when I pass buy he still always stares at me and turns his head, etc. But I have been noticing recently that sometimes he has one eye closed and one open, like when I pass by and he is "napping" he will open one eye but leave the other one closed. Same at night, before putting him in his viv at night, I sometimes like to put him in a beardie burrito, shut off the lights, and watch a movie and he falls asleep, but sometimes he would wake up for a few seconds with one eye open and one closed.

ANY advice would be very much appreciate it. Bad lighting? Small viv?(could be but he has not glass surfed in a long time). Let me know so I can change asap. Food, water, bathing, anything please let me know. I am a very loving beardie owner who LOVES his lil Smaug.

P.S: Sorry for the looong post. And english is not my native language so sorry for spelling errors, etc.
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Re: My bearded dragon "Smaug" has been a bit lethargic.

Postby starshooter123 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:12 pm

[Click image to enlarge]

Here is a pic of him right now, hasn't really moved all day long
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Re: My bearded dragon "Smaug" has been a bit lethargic.

Postby AHBD » Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:14 pm

Poor Smaug, I posted a reply on your thread in the general discussion forum. His problem is probably lack of uvb.

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Re: My bearded dragon "Smaug" has been a bit lethargic.

Postby kingofnobbys » Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:33 am

does he have access to a good uvb tube or even a good uvb compact or a MVB ?

What his viv temperature ? .... ad how exactly are you measuring them ?

Might be worth while your going through my Cheat Sheet , viewtopic.php?f=6&t=234738&p=1806050#p1806050

if you do this very methodically, something that needs changing or tweeking may just leap right out at you .

One obvious issue - the Neodymium Basking Globe (gives off heat (some) , light, and some UVA , NO UVB).
It''s going to most likely be total lack of UVB , and very low serum VitD3 , he is likely suffering also for early stage MBD, as well as insufficient UVA (lethargy and lack of appetite)..
I'd ditch the Neodymium basking globe if near 6 months old (especially if older than 6 months old) and replace it with
>> a T5HO 10% or 12% UVB tube in a reflector hood mounted under the lid and about 8-10 inches from Smaug's basking spot (aiming for about 190 microW UVB / sqcm)
a new basking globe , Í wouldn't bother with a reptile brand basking globe , domestic par38 colorless incandescent or halogen spotglobes are very good and much cheaper and more robust
a good quality MVB + T5HO 10% - 12%UVB tube in a reflector hood.
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