Horn worms?

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Horn worms?

Postby WuTangDan » Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:26 am


I just adopted a 2 year old beardie a couple weeks ago. His name is Chomper. I have a really bad phobia of roaches, so those are out of the question. Chomper doesn't like crickets and I worry about feeding him too many superworms or mealworms because I've read that beardies can get impacted if they eat too many bugs with crunchy shells. I've been feeding him horn worms almost exclusively as his protein. I dust them with calcium powder and I feed them a mixture of collards, sweet potato, and bell pepper. He really likes them, but I'm worried that he might need variety in his diet. Is it okay for me to only feed him horn worms or should I start trying something else?
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Re: Horn worms?

Postby Mysty » Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:58 am

Calciworms are good to try. Wouldn't bother with mealworms for the impaction risk but up to some superworms as a treat is alright. You could always pick out the paler supers for feeding as they are freshly shed and softer.
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Re: Horn worms?

Postby astaticwinter » Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:18 am

I was in a similar situation, but my girlfriend insisted on no roaches or crickets. Started on mealworms, but Zuul's staple protein is Black Soldier Fly Larvae, aka PhoenixWorms/Calciworms/Reptiworms/NutriGrubs. They're great and full of calcium and don't need to be dusted.

Hornworms from what I understand have a lot of water content and are great for hydration, but over feeding can lead to loose stool or diarrhea. Learned that one quick... She LOVES them, but they are now in moderation as a treat.

My dragon was started on mealworms but I quickly switched once she got past the shock of being purchased and in a new home. I'd stay clear of them. I've heard decent things about Supers, but haven't tried any yet for mine...only 4 months. Shockingly she can take down hornworms like they're nothing.

Also, butterworms aren't bad as treats either, as they're expensive. Waxworms are an options too, but very fatty, and only as treats also. So far my best staple has been BSFL in bulk online, with all of the above as treats.
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