Best places to order live feeders from online?

This forum is for discussing topics of caring for and breeding feeders (crickets, roaches, etc.) for those interested in raising their own bearded dragon live feeders.

Best places to order live feeders from online?

Postby Samoorai44 » Fri Feb 12, 2021 7:45 pm

Hello fellow dragon keepers! I'm new to the forum and am new to dragon keeping.
I was wondering what are some good places to order live feeders online in the US? Primarily crickets, hornworms, and possibly superworms as well as what precautions I should take feeding my baby Hector live feeders from a new source and any tips on breeding feeders. I normally have good luck with the crickets I can source locally not dying on me and kind of reproduce. Currently I get my live feeders from Scales n Tails or alternatively Petsmart if Scales n Tails is out of live feeders. Hector is about 10" long and eats mainly crickets and an assortment of greens. I have yet to try him on horn\super worms but I think he'd like something new. :)
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Re: Best places to order live feeders from online?

Postby CooperDragon » Sat Feb 13, 2021 12:09 pm

I order my hornworms from Great Lakes Hornworm and they are good. I get black soldier fly larvae from Symton. Silk worms come from Coastal Silkworms. I don't order bugs too often any more. I used to order crickets from Premium Crickets and they were good (I didn't like crickets much though). I have a roach colony that I use as a primary bug source. I started that from an order from ABDragons. There are a lot of good online sources depending on what you need.

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