Pheonix worm colony

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Pheonix worm colony

Postby NinaAmbroshia » Sun Jul 05, 2020 10:38 am

I am in the middle of starting a colony of pheonix worms, I like the enclosure I currently have them in and I like the set up I currently have them in. They seem happy too! :D I just got my first set of eggs! However, I also noticed what I believe to be Soil mites (I must have forgotten to bake part of the leaf litter I used as a base for teh set up.) Hanging around the eggs, I don't wanna risk them getting nibbled on by the soil mites. Any ideas on how to get rid of them without hurtting the eggs, pheonix worms, adult blacksoldier flies, or isopods that I are in the container?
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