Feeders Love Cantaloupe Rinds!

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Feeders Love Cantaloupe Rinds!

Postby Claudiusx » Sat Oct 05, 2019 7:17 am

News to me, maybe not to some of you. But recently I had realized that my dubia colony totally devoured the cantaloupe rind that I put in with them. There was some flesh on it too, and that's all I expected to be eaten. Well, they ate the whole thing up.

So, I decided I would try it with my mealworms too. Now I typically don't like to put in items like that with my mealworms or superworms as mold is an issue with them. But I tried anyways. And the next day, I went over to remove whatever was left over to prevent any mold growth.
It was gone. Completely gone. They devoured it quicker than the dubias did.

So now, cantaloupe is a regular with my bugs. At least the rinds/flesh left over is.

If you have a smaller colony of bugs, I wouldn't leave it in for too long just to prevent any possible mold growth, but they will enjoy it while its there :)

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