Best Staple Feeder

This forum is for discussing topics of caring for and breeding feeders (crickets, roaches, etc.) for those interested in raising their own bearded dragon live feeders.

Best Staple Feeder

Postby katieeee9865 » Sun Sep 15, 2019 4:39 pm

Hello. My beardie is 2 months old, and is starting to eat wayyy more than he used to! I constantly have to take trips to the pet store to buy him more food, and it is getting quite expensive.
I am interested in ordering in bulk from now on, but I would like to know if there are any websites that are reputable, and somewhat on the cheaper side!

I am looking to switch him to Dubias, because they seem to be the healthiest, and they don't have a smell.

My biggest concern is that every website that ships Dubias in bulk, are extremely pricey.
If I'm supposed to feed him 10-20 roaches, 3 times a day, I would need at least a shipment of 1,000 to even last me a full month. Just an order of 100 is over $20!

Does anyone have any suggestions? I can't raise my own staples, for multiple reasons, so I would have to find an inexpensive staple feeder I can order in bulk, online, that is easy to care for, and doesn't smell.
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Re: Best Staple Feeder

Postby CooperDragon » Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:57 am

Roaches are best when you can start a colony.Then they just breed and grow on their own so you can feed them off as needed. That can take some time to get going though. They are more costly when ordering in bulk as you mentioned. Crickets are cheaper to order in bulk but are more of a hassle. I used to order 1,000 at a time for around $30 shipped from PremiumCrickets and that worked well for a while (I eventually started a roach colony). Another good option would be to order silkworm eggs and raise silkworms. Especially if you have access to mulberry leaves. Black Soldier Fly larvae are another good option.They go for around $18 for a container of 600 from Symtonbsf. They are small though, so a hungry dragon can go through a lot of them at once.
It's good to have an affordable staple feeder on hand, but keep in mind that it's also good to order some variety and offer that at least once in a while. Offering a variety of food will help ensure a healthy diet in the long run.
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