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New treat - cooked crab / prawn meat

PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:24 pm
by kingofnobbys

Spent some time about lunch time at the sink deshelling some cooked King Crab legs and cooked medium banana prawns , and I think despite my washing my hands afterwards, there is still some residual crab / prawn oils and smell on my arms and hands , my water skink Fluffy was really intrigued by the new smells she encountered on my hands and forearms when I got her out for some fun time this afternoon, was licking my fingers and hands and arms like crazy and started trying to eat me....

Fluffy was telling me that crab/prawn stuff I can smell is SO YUMMY !!! gimee! gimee!

I think I might have new treat for her and maybe the dragon and bluetongues for xmas.
I might treat them each to some diced cooked prawn meat (here the cooked prawns are boiled in clean seawater as caught on the back of the trawlers as soon as they are caught so there will be no risky herbs or flavours in / on them)..
I don't think this will harm them as it's really just another "insect".