breeding crickets

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breeding crickets

Postby BeardedMabel » Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:16 pm


well, i started with 50 crickets about two weeks ago, i realized most of them were males so i went and picked up 10 more females. i have a heat mat that makes the plastic tub stay in the 80’s (in a 65 degree basement) i feed them veggies (leftover stems from my dragon) and then i provide fish flakes and dog food. i use a moist papertowel for water that i wet every morning. i even wipe down their cage everyday to stay clean. none of them were adults yet but they were considered large. i watched them grow wings and mature so i put out some soil for them, unfortunatley later realizing there were little wiggly white bugs in the soil. i decided if there were eggs they were probably eaten so i dumped the soil and bought new organic soil. that has been sitting out and been kept moist for a little over a week. by the time i got the new soil out half the crickets were dead, i lose 5 or so day. whenever i see a female in my dragons small crickets i throw it in the tub and it still hasnt been enough to keep the population. i am now down to 1 mature female, 3 not mature females and 3 not mature males. since they probably arent laying eggs anymore i covered the soil mostly and put it in the hottest spot of the tub, when i looked in it i didnt notice any eggs. how long should i wait before throwing this all away and trying dubia roaches instead? i have some on the way (21 ready to breed females, 7 ready to breed males and 200 extra small nymphs) and i was going to make them a new tub with a different heat mat but if i can just use the cricket tub id rather do that. i cant breed them if im going to lose 60 crickets every two weeks, thats ridiculous. does anyone see a flaw in my setup. maybe its me and not the crickets, ha.
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