Beardie Doodles :D

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Beardie Doodles :D

Postby loljelloclowdz » Wed May 20, 2020 11:41 am

Watch in amazement as your bearded dragon creates a wonderful masterpiece before your very eyes! This simple DIY project is not harmful to the animal in any way, and it will create a long-lasting relic created by your very special friend. :D

- Note: If your bearded dragon gets very upset, it is time to end this activity. You don't want to make them distressed!

What you need:
• Water-based non-toxic markers
• A pipecleaner
• A very large piece of paper or cardboard (you can also just tape paper together or use the back of wrapping paper.)
• Whatever your bearded dragon loves to eat
Step 1: Wait for around the time that your bearded dragon normally eats. They will be more likely to participate in the activity when they are a little hungry.

Step 2: Lay out a fairly large sheet of paper, cardboard, or taped-together pieces of paper with the tape side down. You can also use the back of wrapping paper if you do not own large pieces of paper.

Step 3: Obtain your bearded dragon.

Step 4: Using the pipe cleaner, fasten it gently but snugly around their hips like how you would use a twisty tie for storing bread. You only need to twist it once. Do not make it too tight!

Step 5: Obtain a marker and remove the cap. Loop the two free ends of the pipe cleaner around the marker.

Step 6: Place your bearded dragon on the piece of paper. Bend the pipe cleaner ends such that the marker makes contact with the paper and does not make contact with any part of the animal.

Step 7: Drop a few pieces of your bearded dragon's favorite food onto the paper, and watch as a masterpiece is made as your bearded dragon runs after their food.

Step 8: Frame and hang your dragon's beautiful masterpiece :D
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