Very Large Enclosure Ideas

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Very Large Enclosure Ideas

Postby MCHRKiller » Mon Apr 01, 2019 2:27 pm

Hello all!

I am looking to get into Uromastyx...and am planning a fairly large enclosure to house multiples. As I want my 2 dog crates to fit under the cage(it will take up no more space in the spare bedroom) I am thinking of building something around 6ft Lx 4ft Wx 2ft H.

I want to build this out of plywood and do a natural rock background. For ventilation I will not be screening the top as I want to keep as much heat in as I am thinking of 4x floor/wall vents...2 on top and 1 per side. The front will be 2 swinging style doors made out of plexi.

What material is safe to seal the inside of the plywood with? What caulk is safe? Also what type of mortar is safe to assemble my rock wall?
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