Parasites Round 3- Please Advise

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Parasites Round 3- Please Advise

Postby willowalysle » Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:07 pm


My poor Onyx has parasites really bad- heres some info
So I rescued my beardie and as of October she is around a year old. I have her in a homemade enclosure with uvb and heat lamp. Her main feeder is Dubia's but she hasnt eaten one in about a month now. She will only eat wax worms, fruits and veggies. they get dusted occasionally because most of the time she will not eat the food if it has calcium on it. Also she only eats if i hand feed her. She used to be super active and running all around but then I took her to the vet just for a routine check up. I figured it would be good since she was rescued and had never been to the vet. Initially the vet told me she had pinworms and was gravid. She did a round of antibiotics and back to the vet. Now she had pinworms and cocidia- and was no longer gravid (didnt know what happened to the eggs). So we do the second round of meds. Onyx was not moving a lot or eating or pooping so i took her back to the vet. He said he was concerned about inpaction and did x-rays, but she was fine. This was about a month ago- and she just has not been the same since.

Around this same time I also changed her enclosure to a much bigger one.

Yesterday she pooped for the first time in a several days and it was clearly bloody. I am taking her to the vet (a different one than before) tomorrow. I am pretty sure she has parasites still. Is there anything I can do to make her more comfortable? Also what are some good foods that might help fight this off. Can I give her a probiotic? And also how the heck do i clean her cage well enough to kill these freaking things??

Sorry for so many questions, but any advice would be much appreciated.

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Re: Parasites Round 3- Please Advise

Postby Linds » Fri Nov 02, 2018 3:28 pm

It’s likely to be the coccidia that’s still sticking around. They can cause big issues like blood. If it’s coccidia, try to get the medication Ponazuril if they have it. Some might still use Albon but it’s very harsh, Ponazuril will be MUCH better. Coccidia can be hard to get rid of because it’s very easy for the beardie to reinfect itself. You medicate then but they poop out coccidia and oocysts then their tank is reinfected and they could just reinfect them self.
You must keep the tank VERY clean if coccidia is the case. Coccidia is not killed by bleach, only a 10% ammonia solution or a “quat” cleaner like on .
You need to clean out the tank and everything in it, disinfect with the cleaner, bake anything wooden at 250F for 30 minutes. Any time the beardie poops, clean it up ASAP and disinfect the area again, letting the cleaner sit for a few minutes at least. Make sure the beardie isn’t in the tank when you use the cleaners. Ponazuril treatment is usually a few days and then a couple weeks off, then a few more days so disinfect the tank thoroughly right away, at least once in the middle of doses, and again after you finish.
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Re: Parasites Round 3- Please Advise

Postby Drache613 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 10:09 pm


It sounds like your dragon has had a hard time lately! I hope he is feeling better soon.
I agree that you should consider ponazuril for a more effective coccidia medication.
The Quat cleaners are very good at cleaning & getting rid of coccidia. Steamers are
really good also.
A probiotic would be a good idea, to help out her little tummy.
Sometimes they can reabsorb the unshelled follicles, which is relatively common. Did
the vet not give you a liquid calcium to give to her in case she might be calcium deficient?

Let us know how she is doing.
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