YEAST Detected cause of stunted growth?

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YEAST Detected cause of stunted growth?

Postby Za941 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:01 am


Hi there

My bearded dragon is 9 months old and she is SMALL. She's 12.5 inches tip to tail and she weighs 93 grams. I know. I know.

She's not a Rankin.

She has a 4 foot Viv. I recently bought her a 10.0 UVB T8 26 inches it sits 15 inches from the floor of her tank. Her temps are 90 one side 70 the other- I have a temp gun. I have a dimmer and regulary adjust.

Istruggle to get her to eat. I've tried crickets,locusts,calci worms,silk worms, meal worms and now dubias. She loves them for about 2 days then hates them.

I recently got a full faecal for everything and she came back with YEAST Positive +++. Everything else negative.

Here is what I've done so far. I've take everything out her tank, disinfected it and only put a few things back in to keep it clean just in case. I've stopped putting food in her food bowls and started feeding her in a separate plastic box.

I bought her reptoboost which so far has made her go from sleeping all day and constantly showing stress marks to basking and being colourful again it even caused her to finish a she'd she was nearly stuck in which is awesome- still no appetite change though.

I've got her on a tincture of clove, wormwood and wallnut. I did a lot of research and found this was a safe natural remedy and is used in many natural pet medicines for intestinal cleansing and immunity boosting. It should cure her yeast. I feed her 0.010 ml (two drops) mixed with 1 ml of water every day starting today and then I'll gradually start skipping days in between till she's better and doesn't need it anymore.

Shes been eating two roaches a day. That's it. The roaches are about 1- 1.5 cm so they're fairly big which is good.

I would like to change her UV bulb even though it's brand new just in case it's faulty. Right now it's Acadia, I hear zoo med is better?

What I'd like to know is, could the yeast infection have been the reason for her poor appetite and slow growth? Has anyone had any experience with dragon anorexia? Can anyone suggest a bulb that I can trust before I spend another 20 quid on a bulb that doesn't work? Has anyone had success with fussy dragons?

Any suggestions, information, anything please share. I'll absorb it all like an incredibly grateful sponge.
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Re: YEAST Detected cause of stunted growth?

Postby AHBD » Fri Oct 05, 2018 4:07 am

Hi there, I'm not sure what may have caused it but for one you can start her on a probiotic. Use a wee bit of fruit flavored soy [ non dairy ] yogurt. As for lights, yours are fine BUT.....your basking temp. should be about 105.

Although she's small, she's not incredibly so, just a bit. She can still attain a good size since she has another 10 months or so to grow yet. :)

BTW, here's one thread from this site that discusses a beardie with a yeast infection. I Googled several of them and both owners were given itraconazole [ antifungal med. ] for their dragons.

In the mean time, see about getting her temp. up to 100-195 basking. Oh, and post some pics of her as well as her tank , here's how : Then use the XIMG to upload them
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