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coccidia treatmet need help!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 11, 2013 3:50 pm
by brutusthebearded

Ok, so my beardie is very skittish and stressed at everything. After i got her checked at a local vet they said she was positive for coccidia and gave me sulfatrim 2 weeks of that still possitive but they didnt do a count. I kept cleaning cage everyday and doing meds. Every day she got worse and worse scared wise and not eating. I got bene bac and she ate some but wouldnt poop for a few days. Then i stoped the meds because she stopped eating again after one feeding. She still wont eat, but she finaly pooped to day and i took her poop to a proper vet that did a count and it came back with 820 per slide and 3 to 15 per field. He said that he would not recomend the sulfatrim again because she wont eat now, and he would not recomend the Baycox liquid 5% toltrazuril cocciocide i just ordered from because its probably not strong enough. So he wants me to bring her 2 hrs to him so he can prescribe what he thinks will work and then 2 hrs back. i just want to know what people who have dealt with this would recomend. Also because she is so stressed and scared of everything are these out breaks just going to continue? That is if i can rid her of it and the cage. i have already been obsessive about cleaning and not cross contaminating and still 820 per slide?! :banghead:

Re: coccidia treatmet need help!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 11, 2013 6:10 pm
by Spike1etta
Baycox is a very good cocci med, don't know why he does not like it. It will not throw everything out of wack like sulfur drugs. It targets the cocci in the body and helps build a resistance without killing everything, which is something you want, but maybe that is why he does not like it, it will not kill everything and leave an empty field that needs supportive measures to then "save" the dragon.

If it was me, I'd talk to Cheryl, she is great and very knowledgeable.