Beating Coccidia - any advice/aids?

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Beating Coccidia - any advice/aids?

Postby jovamabob » Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:00 am


So i finally got my student loans in - almost a month late! It means i now finally have money for Hige's coccidia medicine. I have a few questions about what to do so i get it right first time! :

1) Is treating him safe? I was worried he was starting to brumnate because he slowed down, started digging at the floor and when i gave him a digging box he spend most of his time half burried in it. I increased the wattage of his heat bulb just incase, since it is getting very cold here - 53F outside at the hottest part of the day, constant rain + starting to flood! He's since perked up a bit and is racing round his viv, basking more and demanding to come out more often. His appetite is still very low, but he attacked some greens and a superworm today so he seems to be feeling better.

2) While i'm medicating him is there anything natural i can give to help him feel better and help his appetite? Like those little probiotic yogurts, a specific fruit/veg or liquid calcium? I've heard the appetite gets very low and he has only just gotten his weight up. He's been with me around 2 months or so and he's gone from being very skinny with no fat stores at 290g to 380g, starting to get a chunky tail and shoulder pads. When i did the roundworm treatment, quickly followed by the uvb bulb breaking, he went back down to 350g. I've just managed to get him back to 378g and i don't want him to have to loose weight again. Its taken a lot of hard work and many types of feeders to get him to put weight on at all :)

3) What else do i need to do to beat coccidia as well as the medicine and making sure he eats? Ie. cleaning every day or several times a day, take out furnishings etc?

4) What cleaner kills coccidia and is safe for beardies? At the moment he has various vivarium furnishings, most of which are plastic or resin, and i know i need to clean them. I don't have anywhere to put Hige though while i spend a few days disinfecting and airing it out.

5) Do i need to do a special type of cleaning/treatment for his basking log? He has a root/log basking platform that came with his cage and he spends a lot of time basking on it. It came with him when i got him and has white marks on that look like urates. I gave it a good clean, disinfected it best i could, and he hasn't pooped on it since. He's only pooped in his viv 3 times since he arrived. Every other time he's pooped in the bath.

6) When do i need to do a follow up coccidia count to check its gone? Are there any noticeable differences i'll be able to see if the treatment works/doesnt work?

Thanks! :D

The inside of his viv, in case it affects cleaning and a recent picture of him:
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Re: Beating Coccidia - any advice/aids?

Postby luissandoval87 » Sun Oct 07, 2012 5:07 pm

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Re: Beating Coccidia - any advice/aids?

Postby bren » Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:38 am

The topic link in the above post is wonderful.

As for appetite help, I would try Reptaid, an herbal remedy. We've used it with seriously ill rescue dragons, and it works miracles. It does help to stimulate appetite.

What you have to watch for is dehydration. If your dragon looks "wrinkly," with deep, skin-fold wrinkles, you need to soak him more frequently when on meds for coccidia. You can also soak them in Pedialyte or clear Gatorade for additional electrolytes & sugars. I wouldn't be as worried about not eating than about dehydration.

Hopefully yours has a strain that is easily killed.... My daughter's dragon had a very drug-resistant strain that took an entire year to kill (several rounds of different medications.) Ponazuril is very effective, however, not all vets carry it due to its high price. For some strains, Albon can do the trick at a much more affordable price, so it's worth giving it a shot.

Good luck.
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