Athena's Story

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Athena's Story

Postby pammyt7 » Sun May 06, 2012 6:15 pm


I have an very inspiring story regarding my female beareded dragon and REPTAID- its a bit lengthy, but well worth reading-
In February, 2011 I had visited a pet store that had a female dragon in a tank that said "adopt me" over her- i couldnt help but notice that she had layers of heavy wet growth around her head, she couldnt open one eye, and she had growths on her backside, leg and "burn spot" type spots on her abdomin. I immediately fell for her and wanted to take her home to rehab her-the store was going to be putting her to sleep-nobody wanted her. She was dumped off at the pet store 4 months prior, she had been left alone in her tank with a ton of crickets-her owners left her there while they went away on vacation for 2 weeks. When they came back, she was found in the condition I took her home in
After bringing her to the vets, and having a biopsy and culture done, it was confirmed she had yellow fungus. The vet recommended i put her down-- i just couldnt do it, so i decided to try her on the recommended anti biotics and anti fungal treatment they gave me-
After 3 weeks, there was no improvement...the infection in her bad eye was spreading to her other eye-again, the vets told me it would be best to put her out of her misery..but again, i couldnt
I did research on line, night after night, and came across REPTAID .. i had nothing to lose but to try it. So i stopped treating Athena with the anti-biotics, and started REPTAID full force. Elliot contacted me via email and was inquiring what I was using this product for, so I shared Athenas story, and sent him pictures. I started treating her right away 2x a day, she weighed 420 grams when i started. For thirty days, i did twice a day, then in the second month i did once a day-she has been bathed daily with reptaid in her tub as well. Over the Past few months, she has shed her skin on a monthly basis, her tail rot has reversed, her mouth rot has gotten better, and the best part-she is Fungus Free! She has also increased in size, her weight is now 700grams! I did take her to the vet recently to have blood work done, just to make sure her organs and cell counts were ok, seeing that i had her on this product continuously for 2 months-she is in perfect health-her white blood cell count is perfect as well as all other organ functions-I am so proud. She has a wonderful home here with me, and I am continuing to use the Reptaid-this product is wonderful, and I am so thankful i found it at the right time
Athena has second chance to have the best life she could ever deserve, and she is free of yellow fungus, and I am so thankful!!!
Before treatment:
http://i1152.http://i1152.photobucket.c ... efore2.jpg[/img][/imImage
After photos-todays pictures:
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Re: Athena's Story

Postby ChamNW » Sun May 06, 2012 11:18 pm

thank you for sharing your success story about Athena.
Fellow forum members - this is the second successful treatment of Yellow Fungus with only Reptaid. Pam was willing to follow my instructions very carefully and it worked again. Repaid has natural anti-viral properties in the herbs from which it is made. The medical community may not have a real workable answer for Yellow Fungus but Reptaid has shown to be effective even in fighting this horrible fungal ailment.
the basic instructions for treating the Yellow Fungus are:
1. Oral treatment of Reptaid XL twice a day at .05ml/500g animal weight with no breaks until all traces of the fungus are long gone.
2. Bath the dragon in warm water in a tupperware container with 4 or 5 drops of Reptaid added to the water for 20-30 minutes each day.
3. Dry the dragon off, and apply Reptaid XL with a q-tip directly to all effected spots on the skin and let it dry.

Continue this treatment and be patient because it could take a few months to clear up continually. But you will see continual improvement over time. Each time the dragon sheds, there will be less and less of the discoloration from the fungus until it is all gone.

If you are not sure of what to do, feel free to call me anytime. 253-576-3309
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Re: Athena's Story

Postby AHBD » Thu May 10, 2012 8:11 am

Wow, you did an amazing job with that dragon ! What a sad, sad picture she was and what she must have gone through. It looks like the crickets were also actively eating at her sores....poor dragon ! I'm glad to see a good outcome.
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Re: Athena's Story

Postby SpikesAgirl » Fri May 11, 2012 2:14 am

Hello Pam,

I'm so glad to see this post here! I wonder why I didn't see it before I started e-mailing with you?! I think I've been so absorbed in getting Dino better that I haven't been really reading other threads on this forum until recently. Athena looks amazing now! :blob5: I was so shocked when I first saw the pictures of her poor little eye and nasal cavity. You are so good to have rescued her! I'm sure she feels so much better! I agree with AHBD, if the crickets were left in the tank with her at that place where you got her, they were probably nibbling on her sores, making them worse. Poor baby! I'm glad the Reptaid is working for you and Athena. I actually found Debbie's post on here too about her dragon with fungus. Another Reptaid success story for something serious. Sending healthy hugs to you and Athena! I hope she continues to get better! :blob5:



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