Disinfecting in General (Informative Sticky Pls?)

This forum is for people to discuss the issues specifically around having to deal with infectious diseases such as Adeno virus or Coccidia.

Disinfecting in General (Informative Sticky Pls?)

Postby XtinaBeardieMom » Mon Apr 23, 2012 9:42 am


Hey everyone,

I was wondering if we had specific information as far as what methods/frequencies are required for disinfecting our beardies' habitats before/during/after dealing with infectious diseases to prevent further re-infection. Mods - could we maybe possibly come up with a consolidated sticky post formatted like the following...

Enclosure (Glass):

For example...
Disease: Coccidia
Rocks: Boil at ___ temperature for ___ minutes
Wood: Soak in ___% ___ solution, bake at ____ temperature for ___ minutes/hours
Enclosure (Glass): Wipe down with ____ cleaning agents.
Substrate: Change paper towels, clean tile (how?), other?
Frequency: Once at beginning of diagnoses, once mid way through medication cycle, and once after med cycle (I have no idea if this is correct, just an example)
Notes: Bleach will NOT kill coccidia, you must use a coccicidal concentrated disinfectant like the one listed here>>> http://www.beardeddragons.co/beardeddragon/index.php?route=product/product&path=64&product_id=239

It would be nice if we could also have reliable info as far as the recommended method/frequency to clean our beardies' enclosures on a regular basis for maintenance and preventative measures with cautions/warnings (example: You MUST make sure bleach is well rinsed, as it can give off toxic fumes when combined with the heat from your lights).

What does everyone think about this? Please respond with your knowledge of how to disinfect for certain infectious diseases/parasites. I am personally dealing with Coccidia and Hookworms with my two rescue girls at the moment, so any info pertaining to those two parasites would be especially appreciated. Thanks! :D
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