Which steam cleaner to use??

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Which steam cleaner to use??

Postby kcarello » Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:17 pm


My little girl is going the her vet in the morning. The local (not a herp vet) did a fecal last week for me and said giardia. Have been giving meds, still not much appetite after first round. Anyway, want to get a steamer to clean her viv with, but want to make sure I am getting one that will work! So what are some of the ones that will, I read somewhere that one for steaming garments would work, but not one with a hose and attachments due to loosing to much heat.
Help!! I live in a very small town, only a wal-mart. Her vet is in a bigger town and hour away, so if I can find out tonight which one I should get I would have a better chance of getting one tomorrow.
Thank you guys for all your help!! :roll:
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