Reptaid used for possible Yellow Fungus

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Reptaid used for possible Yellow Fungus

Postby debbielynn » Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:33 am


I just wanted to share my experience with Reptaid and thought someone else might be able to benefit from it too. (I know its long but please read as I hope it will help others).

In 2010 I had a bearded dragon (Sugar) that got ill and the vet didn’t know what was wrong. We tried all sorts of medications and ointments and she got sores all over her body. She was sick for about 6 months and I eventually had to put her down on December 2 2010.

In 2011 two of my other beardies (Booger and Cinnamon) who shared the cage with Sugar also started showing signs of the same thing. Booger had yellowing on his chest and it slowly went black and eventually formed a hard scab that the vet suggested I remove so we could treat the skin underneath. We were also giving him oral medication as well as applying anti fungal cream to the open sore. But unfortunately about a week after Booger was on the meds he stopped eating and subsequently died on March 25 2011.

Cinnamon seemed to do better on the meds and we continued for 6 weeks.

In July 2011 I started Cinnamon on Reptaid for the recommended time period of 10 days as another spot had appeared on her inner leg. As I had not seen any noticeable change and the recommended time period was up I stopped giving it to her.

In September 2011 I noticed the spot started to change. It started to get bigger. We got into contact with Elliot Gesang [] who advised we should give her the Reptaid XL every day and not to worry about the 10 day course or to stop taking it for the 2 day break in-between the 10 day course. He said we can continue uninterrupted for as long as it takes.

On 25th September 2011 we started her on the reptaid. Elliot also advised you could apply the Reptaid directly to the spot. We also started disinfecting her cage and cleaning the cage with vinegar. We got rid of any wood items and anything that this “fungus” could possibly still be on.

After being on Reptaid for 37 days she started to shed on the spot on her leg and the skin / scales underneath was normal white / grey as opposed to the yellow spot that had been there.

We continued with the Reptaid to ensure it was gone. There was the odd day here and there that I did not give her the Reptaid just to give her system a break.

The spot on her inner leg went away and did not come back but she had these scabs or growths round her eye (where she previously had the “yellow fungus disease”). She also started showing growths under her chin.

It is now January 5 2011 and the growths appear to be going away. She has shed and the skin / scales underneath look good.

I am optimistic that if I continue the Reptaid the spots will also go away in time.

Please note I am not 100% sure if this was Yellow Fungus Disease as I have no confirmation from the vet and no skin samples were taken.

What I do know is that Cinnamon has out-lived Sugar by a year and is still doing well.

I would suggest if you suspect something is wrong with your beardie to contact Elliot at and send him pictures and ask his advice.

I have pictures to prove the change in Cinnamon’s condition. If anyone can advise me how to upload the pictures I will gladly supply them.

Hope you have the same success I have had with Reptaid XL and I thank Elliot Gesang for all his help with my beardie Cinnamon.

(Reptaid is also used to help get rid of parasites and improve the immune system etc).

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Re: Reptaid used for possible Yellow Fungus

Postby ChiefsDaddy » Sat Jan 07, 2012 4:18 pm

Wow. That's great!!! Reptaid is an amazing product. I keep it in stock, both the regular and XL for all our beardies. I haven't had to use it for anything too serious yet, but it does also help as a once in a while boost.
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