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Poop issue-bath-humidity-need help please

PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2020 1:40 pm
by SunDragon
My dragon, Chocolate, usually poops every day, every other day or at the latest on day 3. He/She just turned 2 months old. I am on day 4. Chocolate is still eating normal from all I gather. He eats crickets because that is all he wants to or will eat. I gut load and hydrate the crickets to give the most to the dragon, since he won’t eat any veggies. So, should I worry??

I think he looks ok though and nothings seems strange with his behavior.

He has not been handled much because at first we were letting him settle in then he started shedding and that took 10 days or so. I have never held him. I thought I could give a bath, but I’d have to pick him up and I don’t know if he will be ok with that. Lastly, where and how do you give a bath? Should I be careful with cleaners I use before and after the bath so it won’t harm him? I tend to use mostly natural home made solutions and thought I could wash with vinegar and water, the container/sink/tub before he goes in. Any advice would be great! I am trying not to be a nervous wreck about a bath, handling him for the first time and the poop issue.

Oh and I’ve also noticed the humidity after lights on stays at 10-15%. Is that too low? What can I do to raise it? I spray water on him every day and sometimes spray part of the tank a little in hopes of getting it to 20%.

Re: Poop issue-bath-humidity-need help please

PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 8:12 am
by CooperDragon
4 days isn't usually worrisome, especially if he is acting normally. I wouldn't mess with a bath until he is used to handling. Even then, some of them don't like baths and in those cases they aren't worth the stress and should be avoided unless they get soiled and really need a cleaning. Some of them love baths though, and in those cases they can have as many as they want.
I use a turkey roasting pan as a bath because it's portable and easy to clean (and an adult can fit in it). Any kind of plastic bin or tub that is large enough will work though. Just clean it out before and after use. Vinegar and a rinse should be fine. If the bath gets pooped in, it should be sanitized using a veterinary disinfectant like F10 or Rescue or a bleach solution before being used again.

10-15% humidity seems awfully low. I would first check the accuracy of the measurement. What are you using as a hygrometer? You can use salt water to calibrate it like this Generally if the air doesn't feel especially humid or dry to me then it's OK and I don't bother with measurements. If you suspect the humidity really is down below 30% then I'd double check your measurement. if that's accurate, try putting a water dish on the warm side of the enclosure and see if that helps raise it a bit. You'll want to be around the 30-60% range (roughly) if you can.

Re: Poop issue-bath-humidity-need help please

PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 4:14 pm
by SunDragon
Thank you CooperDragon! He actually had a giant poop later that day I wrote the post. :)

It’s good to know that 4 days isn’t something to be worried about. And thank you about the bath information. I am very anxious about starting to handle him. Should I just try and pick him up? He will eat from my hand when I hold the cricket near his face. I think that’s a food sign. I just don’t know what order to go in. Should I try something else before trying to pick him up? I am hoping to get handling down so in case he ever does need a bath or some other type of care it will be easier. Plus, it would just be way more fun to be able to hold him instead of just watching him. I’ve had him 5 weeks already.

Sorry I had gotten off course there.

I have a digital hygrometer on its way from Reptile Supply Co. but it’s taking forever for them to send it out. Right now I have the basic, undesirable stick on. In the morning it shows 30%-40% and hours after lights go on it’s back to around 15%. I put a dish of water on the hot side and even after some of it evaporated, it was still 15%. So I’m not sure what’s happening. I can’t wait to check it with the digital when it finally arrives. They say it might take a couple weeks. I will have to try the calibration that you sent me the link about.

Re: Poop issue-bath-humidity-need help please

PostPosted: Mon Oct 26, 2020 10:50 am
by CooperDragon
You can try holding him if you want. Just try to gauge how he reacts when you approach him. If he acts defensive (retreats, opens his mouth wide, beard flares) then he is scared and should be left alone. He may be just fine if you pick him up though. Keep in mind the little ones tend to be very curious and he may wiggle out of your hands or try to jump (don't hold him too high up or put him on your shoulder etc for this reason) A lot of times when they wiggle away and start running around it's more out of curiosity and wanting to explore than being afraid of you. It does kind of depend on the individual situation so just keep an eye on his body language (this gets easier to do over time) and respond based on what you think his mood is.