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Possibly constipated

PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 3:38 pm
by SarahGekkou
Alright, here's the scoop. Cersei got out of brumation about 2 weeks ago and hasnt had a bowel movement since, even though she's eating relatively well. Shes always been a bit of a picky eater. But she'll gladly chomp on most anything so long as I hand/tong feed her. She gets collard greens daily, and organic green bean/kale baby food a few times a week, as well as dubias and the occasional super worm. Her temps are 95 on warm side, 70 on cold with a basking spot of about 100. Tile as a substrate, UVB tube has been approved by multiple people on this site before. She's about a year and a half.

On the plus side, she's not regurgitating anything she eats, so I dont think she's impacted. I always give her a warm bath once a week, I let her out of her tank to run around a few times a week, and I've been giving her a few drops of olive oil a day for the past couple days. She hates it so I have to put it on a berry to give it to her. I guess my question is what else can I do to enduce a BM? And when should I resort to bringing her to a vet?

Re: Possibly constipated

PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2020 3:42 am
by KarrieRee
It is not uncommon for them to go long periods of not pooping ---as long as she has good UVB and good basking temps and not eaten any insect too big for her what goes in will come out-- you can try feeding her some sweet potato raw and shredded that usually keeps them regular - or some baby prunes or unsweetened applesauce