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Discoloured Scales appearing during yellow fungus treatment

PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 4:49 pm
by DerangedLava
Unforntunately, Phoebe hasn't had much luck lately. About a week and a half ago she shed her belly and that's when I first noticed a small patch of yellow scales, my mind immediately went to yellow fungus, but my roommates insisted I should wait a few days before making a vet appointment (University students aren't rich) anyways, the next morning it had spread like wildfire and had darkened considerably and I knew I had to act. She hasn't had any of the other symptoms, no lethargy, eating fine, the only symptom she shows are these yellow scales

I booked her a vet appointment, there aren't any reptile expert vets where I live (The closest would be three hours away and I did call them, but they couldn't get her in early enough), but the vet I went to had some experience in Beardies, just wasn't an expert. Anyways, I got given a prescription of Lamisil that is supposed to last two weeks.

It's been a week into the treatment and since then she's been given daily doses of that, monistat cream once a day and a betadine bath once a day too. But, she shed her legs like a day ago and I noticed a patch of darkened damage looking scales, I have photos from the previous days and there's was no sign of anything like it under the shed on her legs the previous days and now I'm worried if it's part of the fungus. She had no yellow in that spot beforehand and I'm just confused that if it is yellow fungus, how it could have come up so fast, I'm treating her quite aggressively (She's hating every minute of it) if not, I thought she might have just hit something inside her enclosure to damage the scales, I'm not sure and I wanted a second opinion.

This picture is only a couple days ago, there's shed on her legs but nothing to indicate a dark patch
[Click image to enlarge]

And this is now
[Click image to enlarge]

Thank you, I appreciate any advice I can get.

Re: Discoloured Scales appearing during yellow fungus treatm

PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 7:41 am
by CooperDragon
Based on the photos, it looks like patches that are going to shed rather than an infection. YF tends to look more like scabs and damage. The scales on the belly look like natural orange coloring. Do keep an eye on those area though. If they start to look more swollen/scab like then applying a topical antifungal cream may be helpful. Otherwise They will start to look dull/thick/waxy and then shed. If you can keep posting update photos we can help you monitor it.