Lighting and Not Eating Greens

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Lighting and Not Eating Greens

Postby SunDragon » Wed Sep 23, 2020 1:24 pm

Hello, we are on day 3 with baby beardie and a couple things are concerning me but maybe it’s no big deal. I’d like to know what you think.

I have a hide in the enclosure that he never uses. But he has started to bask on a lower “branch” under the driftwood piece I have leading to his hammock. Is he trying to get out of the uvb but stay in the heat? Is that a problem or is it ok because he can decide where to go as I have many options.

Next, the day we brought him home I gave him greens that evening (2-3 hrs before lights out). He went right to it and took a couple bites. I had good quality greens (turnip and collards with carrots). He stopped and never ate anymore. Come to find out breeder fed him only iceberg. Yesterday he had lots of crickets ( about 50 when he was used to only 20) and so it made sense he didn’t touch his greens. This morning he had 20 crickets. Later in the afternoon I put out the greens mixed with iceberg (what he is used to-trying to phase it out) and put some BSFL from a package in with it. He hasn’t touched it nor gone over to look at the greens like he did the day we got him. Should I be concerned?

Is it a good idea to give the greens as the first meal in hopes he will eat it? I am also thinking he doesn’t care for dead food. But I hope I don’t have to throw the rest away. Any suggestions would be super helpful.
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Re: Lighting and Not Eating Greens

Postby CooperDragon » Fri Sep 25, 2020 7:25 am

As long as there are options in terms of heat gradient and UVB gradient, he will move around to get what he needs. They don't always want a lot of heat or a lot of UVB, that's normal.

As far as greens go, they will be hit or miss. Don't worry about it too much at a young age. They need the protein from bugs to grow, but keep offering the good veges since what they manage to eat is beneficial. They tend to slow down on bugs and focus more on veges when they approach full size around 12-18 months old. It helps if the veges are familiar to them. I feed the leftovers to the bugs.
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