Long story but I’ll make it short!

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Long story but I’ll make it short!

Postby freddiesrock » Fri Aug 14, 2020 10:50 pm

I don’t know if this is my anxiety or panic disorder flaring up but I feel as if I’ve failed Freddie. He was my first bearded dragon and I feel so guilty like I’m a bad pet owner. I just want to make his life good and to have him happy. I cry over him all the time because I love him more than anything, he’s a form of therapy for me.
He went to the emergency in late June for inhalation of too much water from his weekly soak, that was my fault. I turned for one second and next thing I know he’s choking and becoming limp. I had to take him to emergency and spend the $400 because I love him! He has been struggling with a possible nutritional deficiency for awhile now which I believe has caused the shaking/tremor in his tail, it becomes rapid shaking but it’s not 24/7. I will share his blood work from emergency with you. The shaking has persisted.
He is VERY picky with food. He hates anything green so I have been giving him slurries or collard greens, mustard greens, butternut squash blended in a blender with purified water. I’ve tried everything to get him to eat it on his own.
He eats insects and blueberries fine but anything else a BIG nope!
I don’t know what his shaking is from, I feel so bad.
I’ll also share photos of him and his set up.
I guess my question is what can I do make his life better?
He has been to the vet since that visit due to the pigmentation in his tail and some damaged scales from an injury but they are suggesting another vet visit by their vet who has more experience with dragons and another blood panel if possible — I think I’m going to do this.
I was told his vitamin A is low. His glucose is/was VERY low and albumin are low as well.
Any suggestions? During his emergency visit, the doctor said his liver did look lumpy. What could have caused this?
I’m going to insert the link to my Amino post with the same information, you’ll find the pictures there.
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Re: Long story but I’ll make it short!

Postby KarrieRee » Sat Aug 15, 2020 4:28 am

Ok all the lighting is good --- the only thing I can say is you need to get a reflector on the UVB fixture --- hes not getting enough UVB and w/ it being on the back wall we recommend UVB's be directly overhead--- you can get a reflector from here http://www.lightyourreptiles.com/miscel ... s-new-hot/
When you get it moved the distance should be 12-15 inches from the basking decor--- lack of the UVB is going to cause the shaking - you have a good diet going as well and its not uncommon for them to not eat their veggies --- get the UVB fixed and situated and see what his appetite does then - they cannot absorb the calcium w/ out the proper UVB --- the vitamins and supplements are good as well -
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Re: Long story but I’ll make it short!

Postby Drache613 » Sat Aug 15, 2020 11:21 am

Hello Maria,

I just realized you had emailed me & that this was your thread! I will be emailing back today.
I did notice though that your Arcadia tube bulb is mounted on the inside of the tank which is good, but
is it mounted on the back of your tank instead of directly overhead? Can he get directly under it?
I would highly recommend mounting the tube bulb directly overhead of him within a 6-8 inch distance so
he can get better exposure.
Are you giving a liquid calcium for him? For vitamin A, you can give a multi vitamin which has betacarotene
in it, which is a safer alternative than giving straight synthetic vitamin A shots or supplements.
Overall, he looks pretty good physically. Do you happen to have a copy of his blood tests too you could post? The
shaking can be from a number of things, an injury or a nutritional problem, etc.
Freddie looks happy in the pictures so I know you have given him a great home. We will all try to get him going on
the right track.
Look for an email from me in a few minutes, too. Sorry it took me a bit to connect the dots with you.

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