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Vomit in cage, cause unkown

PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 3:49 am
by Panic
This morning when I woke up I noticed some vomit in the cage, it's not liquidy or frothy, and it's mostly exoskeleton.
She's around 5 months old, and I havent had her long, she ate around 25 or so worms yesterday (I read they eat more) so I'm not sure why she threw up. The temp in the tank is an almost constant 70 to 80 degrees, and the basking spot is at 100 usually. What I could find online said not to worry, but as my username suggest that is something I'm not gonna be doing.

Re: Vomit in cage, cause unkown

PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 7:03 am
by KarrieRee
Too many worms and not high enough basking temp -- I would increase basking temp to 105-110 and cut out all the worms as a staple feeder - she should be eating crickets or dubias for a staple feeder - worms are good for a treat - what kind of worm-- meal worms for babies are pretty hard on the stomach the exoskeleton like what she threw up--- she should be fed salads every morning along w/ some small or medium super worms to entice her to the bowl 1-3 maybe some butter worms of which I just checked website and every one is out -- I would go to order some dubias get them the size no bigger between her eyes or there abouts and order some horn worms - small amount like 12 -- they grow really fast so you will want to add to the salads every morning - along w/ the supers -- this will get her to the bowl make sure you add those to the salads so she sees you do this--- but get her basking temps up as well --- I can give more websites for you to check for worms and such also here is a website for nutrition kale is good to feed as a staple BSFL are a good staple feeder they are really small so order large you do not need to dust --- also they make great salad toppers feed as many as you want i think they are affliated w/ they carry small super worms a place for silk worms as well as others - another great staple feeder -- they are out of stock as well as every one else right now a good place for silk worms as well and now they are out of stock they are out of stock too
you will need to keep checking if you order bulk silk worms make sure you get food for them as you will need to feed them every day and clean out the containers of the frass as well as the old food if they dont eat it all -- most dragons love silk worms and horn worms --
dubias can be kept in a 10 gallon aquarium and fed dubia chow and the squash you feed the dragon - they are not hot on greens or at least the ones I have are not - also carrots can be fed for hydration as well as the squash-- they are easy to keep and they dont chirp fly and they dont stink -- if you have any more questions please ask
what kind of UVB do you have in the tank ? coil or tube ?

Re: Vomit in cage, cause unkown

PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 7:07 am
by MrSpectrum
What kind of worms--mealies, giant mealies, supers, other?

I would guess regular meal worms due to the numbers. Is she eating greens/vegetables? They can help break up the chiten. Super worms are much larger than meal worms, so they have less chiten per volume of worm... stuff. :roll:

I wouldn't worry--probably just an upset tummy. I'd skip the worms for a day or two (it won't hurt her) to let her tummy calm down, and just feed her greens for that day or two. When you start the worms up again, start slowly--maybe half the number per day and see how things go. :wink: