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Labored Breathing?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:12 pm
by julian7321

In late November I was bathing my mom’s bearded dragon and she put her head under the water and opened her mouth to drink, but she was drinking a lot more than usual.

I lifted her head since I was worried, but she went right back to chugging it. She is bathed daily so I don’t think she was dehydrated.

She lifted her head and spat out water. She then lifted her head higher and opened her mouth. I took her out and tilted her down and she spat out more water and some leaked out her nostrils.

She soon went back to running around and being active.

Since then she seems perfectly normal other than it looks like she’s breathing heavy rather often.

Here is a video of her breathing:

Can anyone let me know if this looks normal or if this labored breathing?