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Large Fall

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:44 pm
by Deabrua
My 4 month dragon has always been very content being on my shoulder or if Ive my arm raised, she'll use that as a platform. Ill usually be sitting or laying down but she comes along when i walk around the house as well - and this has never been an issue.

Today I walked to another room with her on my shoulder and didnt consider the fact that all three cats would be in said room and she would dislike this. No, the cats didnt get her. But she did take a 5 foot drop when she ran off me.

What should I look for in her to make sure she's alright? It was onto soft carpet but 5 feet is 5 feet for such a lil creature. I got her to walk around a bit but she's quite lazy at this time of night and generally wants to go to sleep so activity wouldnt really be seen around now.

Re: Large Fall

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:32 pm
by Deabrua
Update: i placed her back in her tank from the time after my message, and just checked on her again as Im typing. Her lights went off 30 minutes ago, I originally placed her next to her log. She is now sleeping in her water bowl. Im glad theres almost nothing in it atm at least bc the water would already be cold by now (it evaporated while i was at work and i will replenish in the morning. She's never slept there before, always curled under her log or on the log.

Re: Large Fall

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:13 pm
by Drache613

I would take the water dish out at night though, just so she doesn't drown if she falls asleep
really hard in it. Then, if you want to put it back in during the day that is fine.
The things to look for are obvious signs of distress & pain which would be blackbearding, lethargy,
lack or loss of appetite, hiding, limping, blood in the stool, etc.
If she exhibits some of those or you feel she is in pain, it would probably be a good idea to get
her into a vets, to be sure nothing has been broken. Luckily, carpet is much better than wood or
tiles to land on.


Re: Large Fall

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:39 pm
by Deabrua
I took her out of the water bowl and she's with me for a bit. When she initially woke up she was apt and moved around quite a bit before she got comfy and back to sleep. No attempt to hide since the fall or any adverse reactions to being touched, pet, or moved. This includes moving her legs slightly to see if there would be any distress. No black bearding or limping. Wont be able to see any change in activity or appetite for another 10 hours or so :(

The closest vet doesnt handle reptiles. I know that there is in fact one some where around here either 20 or 40 minutes away, but a friend has yet to get me the details for them yet. I really should have gotten it before now.

Most of the house is fluffy carpet. She's normally not allowed to jump anymore than an couple inches, even onto something extremely cushiony.

Re: Large Fall

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:42 pm
by kingofnobbys
Very Important :
1) Remove the water bowl , if she's injured or too sick , she can very quickly drown in if.
A water bowl is unnecessary in a bearded dragon's tank. They get nearly all the moisture they need from their food and are adapted to survive extremely long periods of drought (very little standing or flowing water in their natural range).
2) No more shoulder surfing for her UNLESS YOU HAVE YOUR HAND SUPPORTING HER AT ALL TIMES.
3) Look up the reptile vet and make an appointment to have her checked ASAP (I'd suggest vet does a full physical and takes xrays (which will show any bone injuries , joint injuries or internal bleeding (from organ damage)), reptiles are very stoic and very good at hiding when they are injured or sick), you can always cancel an appointment if she's perfectly OK tomorrow.

Re: Large Fall

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 11:28 am
by Deabrua
So long as she continues to drink from the bowl, she can have it while Im around. Most definitely not at night anymore. It was empty at the time when she was in it though.

Yup, she's lost her privilege of being on my shoulder while im not on the floor.

She's active, eating, no limp, her back looks/feels fine, stool is fine, no black bearding, etc. Her usual self. She ran around a lot during her time out of the tank today. Will continue monitoring and call vet if it changes

Note: however, she did run from me for the first time while I went to take her out. I left her be for an hour and she greedily ran up my arm when I went to get her out the second time.