dallas texas, any exotic pet stores????

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dallas texas, any exotic pet stores????

Postby falcor33 » Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:41 pm



i've recently relocated to dallas texas, in the white rock lake area. i have yet to find an exotic pet store in the area, particularly, one that sells a variety of feeders. most places down here only have the typical superworms, crickets, waxworms. i can't believe i'm in the warm south and can't find a decent store for reptiles!!!! what's up with that??? it would be nice to find some place to go into, so i don't have to order online all the time!!!

i hope someone corrects me, or helps me here. i've searched and searched but no luck!! there are a few reptile petshops, but none so far have, for example, dubia roaches, hornworms, phoenix worms, etc.

help! falcor and tolkien will be bored soon of supers, crickets and waxies!!!
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Re: dallas texas, any exotic pet stores????

Postby Delshara » Sat Jul 02, 2011 6:19 pm

There really aren't any good feeders in the pet stores here. I order everything online and you have to be really careful when ordering online when it's summer - especially right now. There is a store called Plano Pets that has an OK reptile section (we got our two beardies from there), and they do have a few feeder hissers. Also, there are a few reptile shows, but they mostly cater to snakes. :(
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