Boston, MA - Roaches roaches everywhere!

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Boston, MA - Roaches roaches everywhere!

Postby acrhino » Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:09 pm


I live north of Boston and my daughter got a bearded dragon a year and a half ago. Right now he is big and fat and happy and lazy. I started breeding dubia roaches a year ago because getting started on breading was cheaper than buying them for a month. Now I have all the roaches in the world in my 3rd bedroom and there is no way the zard will ever be able to keep the population growth at bay (he eats 5-10 a day plus all the veg he can stand). I used to have 2 huge totes filled with them but one of the totes had a weird lid and the tiny new born bugs could get out and I found hundreds and hundreds of them living under the rug lol ... I dumped most of the roaches in the good tote and honestly must have thrown out 5,000 roaches of all sizes. I have so many roaches now it costs more to feed the roaches than it would to buy roaches for the dragon at a pet store. Now I have absolutely no interest in selling them or shipping them but if you want to drive here and want a starter colony of adults or something like that ping me. Right now I exclusively feed the zard only the adult male dubia roaches (we also feed tons of veggies too ... I figured I would mention that because I knew that some yahoo would read what I just wrote and assume I only fed the zard roaches and they would have a nazi freak out on me) because I have hundreds of them and that is the best population control I can do at the moment without periodically purging a few thousand of them into the trash. Ping me for bugs ... again I'm not shipping. If for whatever reason you insist that I ship and you can talk me into it you will need to send me all the shipping materials in a pre-paid self addressed box (container, heat packs, paper, etc.) and tell me how you want them packed and shipped and I will do that if it isn't much effort. Other than that if you're in or around north of Boston on the North Shore ... I got F-tons of bugs.
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Re: Boston, MA - Roaches roaches everywhere!

Postby CooperDragon » Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:50 pm

That's nice of you to offer. I hope some folks are able to take advantage and get a colony going. I know how it feels to have more than you can use! I've found them to be great kitchen scrap composters. I feed my colony mostly leftover veges from my meals and it keeps it relatively cheap to feed them.
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