Beardie eats a lot but can see ribs?

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Beardie eats a lot but can see ribs?

Postby Blueocean013 » Tue Jul 30, 2013 1:11 pm


My bearded dragon is around 7 months or older, I can tell it's a boy if that matters. He eats so much and he has a big belly towards the bottom, it's close to dragging the ground, but near his arms you can see his ribs. And I don't mean just like one, you can count like 4 in a row. He eats around 20 large crickets a day and always has a handful of greens. Couple times a week he gets a full variety salad as well. With 5 or more nutritious items. He has right temp, uv and calcium.
He poops every single day, and their like really big piles. He has a great appetite and active and spunky. He goes crazy over food every time he sees it.

He shows no signs of health problems other than seeing his ribs. Why is this? What could be the problem. I've had him 6 months and has never gotten sick. Even when he sheds he doesn't ever lose his appetite.

I also give him waxworms because they're high in fat.

Please help and also I live in the south, so all the vets around here don't see reptiles and I know more about them than they do.
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Re: Beardie eats a lot but can see ribs?

Postby hiTimothy » Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:05 pm

I suggest you post this in the regular forum rather than this region specific one, since more people will see it that way
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