Beardie breeders in the mid-Atlantic

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Beardie breeders in the mid-Atlantic

Postby Hypancistrus » Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:16 pm


My fiance and I have been keeping, rescuing, and rehoming bearded dragons for many years now. We've decided we'd like to buy a baby and raise it ourselves. This will be a novel thing for us-- we've mostly dealt with adults in the past.

At our local shows we became entranced with the Italian Leatherback beardies, in particular the reds. There was a local breeder selling them and they always looked very nice. I looked them up: Dragon Fortress. I was excited to find the website, but then I did what I always do-- I checked the FaunaClassifieds BOI. I found terrible stuff there on Dragon Fortress. Information about people who had brought home diseased animals and lost them quickly, or worse, had their disease unknowingly spread to other healthy dragons.

I don't want to risk that. I decided to look elsewhere. I checked around on here and saw several breeders in PA.

Daichiu seems quite large, but there is a lot about them on the web with regards to adenovirus. They claim it's "normal" for dragons to carry it. None of ours have ever been sick with it. That makes me nervous.

There's TND dragons, which seems like a nice small breeder, but I did not see evidence that he produces red IL dragons. I'm willing to reconsider on color and pattern, of course, the key being to get a healthy youngling to start with.

I've heard some negative things about Fire & Ice too, in the past. Now I am starting to despair. We really want to get a beautiful, well colored and healthy baby to try our hand at. We've always wanted to do this and now is a good time for us... but I am now so disheartened from reading all of this.

Can anyone reccomend to us some really quality breeders in the tri-state area? We are in MD and can easily drive to most of the surrounding states, including PA and VA.
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Re: Beardie breeders in the mid-Atlantic

Postby TheWolfmanTom » Fri Mar 25, 2011 2:42 pm

Hi there!!!
I ownTND Dragons. Please click on My banner and it will go to my website.
Go to the breeders page and check out Allesandra and Rodney.
I have eggs in the incubator from that pairing. If your patient I think you will be rewarded.
Feel free to check me out as well. Quite a few people have poopers I produced on this forum.
Even if you decide not to purchase from Myself, dont hesitate to call or email for help.
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