Need to find a home!!!

This forum is where you can post items that you are simply looking to give away or for dragons that you are looking to find a new home for. If you are asking for any money other than shipping costs, your post belongs in the Forsale forum.

Need to find a home!!!

Postby Matthew1539 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:52 am

I posted my bearded dragon on the for sale forum, but I haven't had any luck with it yet. I really really need to find him a home within the next few days, so I have decided to post him on the for free forum. Check out all of the details of my bearded dragon and the stuff I have bought for him in that post titled "Beardie for sale". I would prefer local, but I am open to anything.

Please help me find him a home!!!
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Re: Need to find a home!!!

Postby CooperDragon » Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:35 am

I'm sorry to hear you haven't had luck yet. He's such a happy looking dragon. Here's a link to the other post to make it easier for others to find:
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Re: Need to find a home!!!

Postby MrSpectrum » Sun Aug 18, 2019 1:03 am

Hi Matthew,

I read your ad, and he is a beautiful animal. Not exactly what I'm looking for, but if we were closer--geographically (750 mi.)--I'd seriously consider taking him.

Gotta ask (curiosity) why you can't take him to school with you? Many (most?) schools say they don't allow pets (except service animals and possibly support animals) but they generally mean cats, dogs, birds, & rodents. They may turn a blind eye to a quiet unobtrusive lizard that (as far as anyone knows) stays in his enclosure.

In my 2nd year at college, an incoming freshman on my hall brought & kept his pet box turtle in his dorm room (lived in an aquarium). As long as the turtle wasn't strolling down the hallway (it never was) things were cool.

Not suggesting you break any laws/rules; occasionally, reason can prevail in some situations.

Best wishes to both of you.
There's a time and place for everything, and it's called "college". — Chef
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