New behaviour. Not sure if something is wrong or age or move

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New behaviour. Not sure if something is wrong or age or move

Postby Muffin797 » Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:26 pm

So I've had Muffin for a little over a year now. This makes him almost a year and a half old. I recently moved apartments, but I kept Muffin's enclosure the same.

I've noticed that Muffin has been acting a bit different overtime, but it has become more dramatic since our move about 2 weeks ago.

When muffin was younger, he was always either basking or running around or getting ready for bed in the evening. As he's gotten older, I've noticed that he spends significantly less time basking and more time lounging around looking like he wants to take a nap. His lights turn on at 7 and I wake up at around 8:30. He is never basking when I wake up. If I move him over to his basking spot he will happily bask (although sometimes when he is basking he still looks like he wants to take a nap). Nowadays, he seems pretty tired the entire day while in his enclosure. However, if I go to feed him or take him out of his enclosure he perks up immediately and looks really happy and will run around like a wild man once again.

This behaviour seems to be more dramatic since we have moved. Maybe he is stressed? Although, this seems rather odd to me as he has travelled with me a number of times and never seemed to have any issues with stress.

Everything else seems fine.

I have his basking spot at around 90-100 degrees depending on where he sits measured with a temperature gun. I keep the lights on from 7am to 9pm.

I don't think there is anything wrong with him, but I wanted a second opinion. Personally, I think his personality has just changed since he is older.

I wonder if the change in behaviour seems to be more dramatic here because of his location relative to us. He used to be in the same room as us 24/7 (student apartment) where he could always see us. Now, he is in my office and spends the day mostly looking at my back and a wall. He can no longer see my girlfriend at all. Thoughts?

Maybe he's just bored in his enclosure? Maybe I should decrease the amount of time his lights are on?
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Re: New behaviour. Not sure if something is wrong or age or

Postby CooperDragon » Mon Sep 21, 2020 8:11 am

It sounds like he is OK. He may just be going through a slowdown/brumation phase which is coincidental to the move. Since he is perking back up when interacted with, then I wouldn't worry too much as long as he has access to basking and food if he wants it.
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